Swing Vote
S3 episode 7 Aired on August 2, 2018

The good news is that Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) is alive and Atlas doesn’t have her. The bad news is that Atlas might be planning to kill countless people to run a shadow government and Team Swagger is running out of time to stop them.

Someone has noticed Team Swagger isn’t strictly within the law

Memphis wakes up in the back of an SUV and is brought to an empty airplane hangar by Margo, from the Department of Justice. She knows just enough about the exploits of Team Swagger to think they’re criminals. She points out Memphis doesn’t have Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo) to protect her anymore. She wants something.

Atlas is planning to use the decryption card to go VIP hunting

Memphis rejoins the team in the bunker and explains that the card accessed top secret evacuation routes for every VIP in D.C., more than 2,000 people. From his sniper training, Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) sees the implications, someone could drop a bomb then pick people off as they run. But they have no way of knowing when or how an attack will come. Later, Memphis privately tells Swagger about Margo, and that she could easily build a case against them. “We’ve been off the reservation so long we forget what this might look like through a legal lens,” Memphis says.

Atlas has an evil schedule to keep

Red Bama Sr. (Gerald McRaney) meets with a fellow Atlas member, Andrew Gold, wanting to delay their plans. But Gold points out the confirmation is already on the calendar. Then Bama tells him that Earl Swagger’s evidence might be in play, too. But for now, the decryption card is the priority.

Mayfield explains the Supreme Court is the key

Swagger and Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) visit former Atlas mission planner Katherine Mayfield at Armstrong Psychiatric, where she has been lying low with Atlas’ tacit permission. Their visit upends that. As soon as they pass security, the front desk guard sends a secure message about their visit to Bama. A short time later, Jack Long comes through security with a forged ID badge and plastic gun made using a 3D printer. Mayfield tells them Hayes was going to pick a chief justice of the Supreme Court that would serve Atlas and be the swing vote for decades to come. They’re trying to convince her to come with them when Long arrives and shoots Mayfield. Swagger and Johnson run for it and narrowly escape.

Memphis gathers Gregson’s Atlas dirt for Margo

At Margo’s urging, Memphis sneaks into Gregson’s house to find the burn drive where Gregson kept all her gathered dirt on Atlas. She gets it, but Bama Sr. sees Carlita Cruise waiting nearby on the surveillance footage from the house. He calls Gold and asks for a small army to go after Cruise at the bunker.

Julie has a disturbing visit with Sam

In Texas, Julie gets a call to come get Sam Vincent (David Andrews) at the courthouse, where he’s raving to see a judge that’s been dead 15 years. Once he calms down and is lucid he explains that he has a tumor and is dying. He also mentions that Bama Jr. came to see him and he has it all on tape. Then he starts talking about dying on his terms, which Julie does not like the sound of.

The Atlas army comes knocking

Back at the bunker, they figure Atlas is planning to attack D.C. then take out the senators opposed to their Supreme Court pick as they flee the city. But before they can make another move, they see Bama Sr. and his small army arrive. The attack team rigs the door with explosives as Bama gives them a chance to turn over the card without a fight. Cruise answers by detonating a land mine near Bama. Bama launches the attack and detonates an explosion that takes the bunker apart. Inside, Swagger stays to dig through the rubble for the decryption card and the rest try to find a way out. Johnson grabs a sledgehammer and starts bashing the cinder block to create an exit while Cruise and Memphis fight off the onslaught. Swagger finally finds the card and makes his way through the labyrinth of tunnels in the bunker as Johnson and company make it through the cinder block. They all escape.

Uncovering another Atlas player

Memphis and Swagger meet up with Margo from DOJ while Cruise and Johnson sit on overwatch. Margo tells them that Gregson was helping her boss in the DOJ investigate Atlas but it was completely off-book. After Gregson died, her boss disappeared. Margo is the one who encrypted Gregson’s Atlas dirt files that Memphis just recovered. She pulls up the files and shows them names. The first one is Andrew Gold, the man that Bama Sr. was colluding with earlier. He’s chief of staff to the President. As they talk, Jack Long listens in on surveillance.

Red Bama Jr. goes after Sam

In his office late at night, Sam records notes to himself. He’s interrupted by Red Bama Jr. strolling in with a baseball bat. Earlier, Junior tried to buy Sam off as his dad had directed, but Sam laughed it off. Junior starts trashing the place. The recorder stays on as Junior shouts that he wants Earl’s evidence, then he starts beating on Sam. Julie arrives just in time and grabs a nearby lamp to go after Junior. He fights back and throws her onto the desk then the floor. She fights him off and he runs. Julie rushes to check on Sam, who is bloodied and battered. She calls an ambulance.