Patron Saint
S3 episode 12 Aired on September 6, 2018

Now that Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) has finally closed the book on the murder of his father with the suicide of Atlas-sponsored Supreme Court nominee Ray Brooks, his and Harris Downey’s (Jesse Bradford) time in federal custody is brief when it turns out the FBI has nothing to hold them on. But while following the trail at all costs Swagger has alienated his wife and ended up in Atlas’ crosshairs. The shadowy organization is in tatters but an attack is imminent and Swagger has to decide where his heart truly lies: at home or in being a hero.

Red Bama takes his Atlas agenda to the highest level

Red Bama Sr. (Gerald McRaney) casually drops by the Oval Office to talk frankly about next steps following Brooks’ death. But   Alvarez doesn’t feel like dealing. He says Brooks killing himself saved him the embarrassment of not being confirmed. Alvarez plans to pick his own nominee without input from Atlas. Bama tries to intimidate him by saying he won’t get anything done without Atlas’ help and that many presidents before him have thought they could function without Atlas and been wrong.  

Team Swagger attracts a different kind of attention

Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) gets a call from Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps), who is wounded and wobbly after being attacked by Jack Long. Memphis stitches up the gash on his head. They take the medallion Johnson lifted off Long to a crime lab, where Memphis steps away to get a soda and two men with guns approach her. Harris is at a bar waiting for a friend with possible information on Atlas when he sees two unfriendly looking men coming up to him. He makes a break for it and hides in a nearby parking garage but they grab him. Both Memphis and Harris are relieved when they’re brought to see the president in the Oval Office. He knows an attack is imminent and asks for their help. He wants them to get Swagger to help, but knew Swagger would fend off any Secret Service agents he sent after him. Memphis agrees and starts by telling the president to take all evacuation plans offline.

Julie Swagger asks her husband to stop saving the world

After asking her sister to take Mary to stay with Edie Poole, Julie (Shantel VanSanten) arrives in D.C. and goes to Bob Lee’s hotel room. He has wine and roses, but she’s in another place entirely. She says she’s done being scared and alone and not feeling connected to him. She thinks he’s always waiting for something to happen so he can run off and be a hero. He ignores a call from Johnson and tries to make excuses, but has to admit he likes the thrill. She wants him to stop trying to save the world and come home. He hears her and they are finally reconnecting and making plans for a long-overdue honeymoon when Memphis and Johnson arrives and ask him to save the world again. They found explosive traces on the medallion from an area school, St. Agatha. Julie sees what her husband will choose and says good-bye, saying that Mary needs at least one parent.

Team Swagger is one step behind Long, but gaining 

Johnson and Swagger pay a visit to St. Agatha school looking for Jack Long. They’re describing him to the nun when he returns to his room in the basement. When they say he might be strange and keep to himself she recognizes the longtime handyman, who comes and goes as he pleases and has worked there for years. She leads them down the basement as Long is getting ready, arming up and dressing as Secret Service. He sees them coming and makes a run for it through the school’s cafeteria, rigging a door with a grenade. In the time it takes for them to safely detonate it, Long gets away. But Swagger thinks it’s odd that the nun said Long could fix anything but still took the buses to a mechanic. They head to the garage. They find bomb making materials and evidence Long was in a massive rush. Earlier, Long used forged documents to get into a Homeland Security office, where he tapped into the computer and tried to run the Titan decryption card, but got nowhere. This means the plans to send high value targets scrambling and pick them off with the stolen evacuation routes won’t work. On to plan B. Swagger and Johnson realize the attack is today. Meanwhile, a bus load of students boards for their field trip to the Supreme Court.

Tick, tick, tick — boom!

Team Swagger works through Long’s next move. With Atlas needing votes in the Anhur Dynamics Supreme Court case that will expose them, they could still win the case with a 4-3 vote. They realize Long must be going after a sitting Supreme Court justice. Meanwhile, outside the Court, Long gets near enough a bomb dog to put baby food on its snout so it can’t smell the explosives when it checks the loaded bus. Team Swagger arrives shortly after the bus has passed inspection. With no buses marked St. Agatha, they scratch off paint until Memphis finds the St. Agatha logo painted over. When a police officer interrupts them, they don’t have time to explain and knock him out. Swagger calls in a bomb over the cop’s radio and they start shouting for an evacuation. Swagger finds the re-stapled seats and the bricks of explosives inside. As Harris tries to warn people away outside Swagger tries to defuse the bomb and discovers quickly that he can’t. As the detonator powers up he and Johnson race for cover outside. At the last second, Memphis throws herself over a girl who is too close to the bus as it goes up it a giant fireball. With his ears ringing and the bus smoldering, Swagger races off to protect the justice that Long is going after. Johnson finds Memphis on the ground, where she is dazed and bleeding profusely from shrapnel in her neck.

One Atlas operative is shut out while another is in position

In the White House everyone is heading to their evacuation points and Red Bama Sr. is informed by security that he’s been taken off the list to evacuate with the president. In the Court, Secret Service agents are securing justices when Long calmly joins a group leading an evacuation, putting him right next to his target, Justice Gibson (Rhea Pearlman).