That'll Be The Day
S2 episode 8 Aired on September 5, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 208, “That'll Be The Day

In the season finale, Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe) tries to finish things once and for all with Solotov (Josh Stewart), as the two snipers stalk each other and Swagger realizes his quarry is much closer than he ever could have realized. Meanwhile, Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) gets to the head of the Atlas snake, but not before it claims another victim. Atlas also tabs an unwilling new recruit as a former loyal soldier is cast aside. With Solotov after Swagger now -- not just for revenge, but his missing money -- he wants Swagger alive. But for how long?

Chechen-Russian Conflict, 2005

Surrounded by carnage in the midst of war, Solotov protects dozens of people hunkered down in a warehouse. He takes out every attacker he sees, but he’s no match for the sarin gas. He collapses. Moments later, Addison Hayes (Harry Hamlin) makes his way through the gas clouds, in a suit, naturally, and gets help dragging an unconscious Solotov away from the gas. He injects him with adrenaline Pulp Fiction-style and Solotov sputters back to life. “Welcome back, welcome home,” Hayes says.

Trouble at the Ranch

At the Swagger ranch, Bob Lee tries to understand why Julie (Shantel VanSanten) would blow out Bo Winnick’s ear. She tells him she hasn’t felt right since before Frankfurt. He listens to her, validating her stress and assuring her he’s on her side. But he wants her to leave town so he can deal with Solotov. She refuses, especially since Sheriff Brown has said she can’t leave the county, and Mary’s First Communion is tomorrow.

It’s Not Paranoia if They’re Really Out to Get You

In Columbus, Ohio, Tio (Jaina Lee Ortiz) tells Jeffrey Denning (Troy Garrity) and Memphis that everything Kirk Zehnder (Jerry Ferrara) was claiming was true. The CIA was selling heroin in Afghanistan and Atlas sent in someone posing as a UN doctor (she doesn’t say who) to kill the mulah’s wife because she knew too much. Tio is only still alive because she took their money. When Zehnder started talking, they ordered her to discredit him so Denning wouldn’t have a reliable source for his story. Memphis makes plans with her office to transport Tio to safety at a regional office in Dayton, although Tio is terrified and sure Atlas can get her anywhere, anytime.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Swagger picks up a satellite phone he got from the banker and pushes redial. Hayes answers. When Swagger says he wants to talk to Solotov, Hayes tells Swagger to hang onto the phone and Solotov will call because he wants his money. Julie finds Bob Lee packing up to go out on overwatch in the dark. He’s bothered that she didn’t tell him she was having problems, but she points out he kept information from her, too, about the threat when they got back from Frankfurt.

Welcome to ’Merica

At the border, Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) swims across the Rio Grande and into Texas. Militia men find him walking through the tunnel. He puts his hands up and informs them he’s American and armed. The good ol’ boys throw some racists threats his way and Johnson can tell he’s not safe. When one is close enough, Johnson grabs his knife and stabs him in the foot. Johnson is relieved when actual law enforcement shows up and arrests him. In jail, Johnson gets a visit from a guard who tells him that Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo) denied knowing him and he’s being extradited to Mexico for killing a man -- and it’s all on video.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Hayes finds Gregson, wanting to be reassured that everything went as planned at the border. They have clearly known and been working together for years, even if they aren’t friendly.

Spy vs. Spy

Swagger is on overwatch outside his house when Solotov finally calls. He’s set up a few hundreds yards away. Solotov asks if his boss hesitated before selling him out, Swagger says no, but Solotov still won’t give him Hayes’ name, saying he’s more dangerous than Swagger knows. Solotov claims that he let Swagger live in Afghanistan because he felt kinship with him after watching him for weeks, but Swagger thinks he just missed. The two snipers analyze each other’s positions in the hills, deducing where they might have set up. Solotov makes clear that he’s nearby and can take everything that matters to Swagger.

Atlas Onboarding

A car comes for Johnson, but they’re clearly not Mexican Federales. It’s Hayes. “I’m sorry Ms. Gregson was so unaccommodating, but I do think I’m much more suited to help you than she is,” he says. Hayes explains things to Johnson in a scene that mirrors his talk with Solotov in Bucharest, Romania in 2005. Both men are without family or resources and Hayes told both they had to set aside their emotions to work for “the invisible hand that maintains order in a chaotic world.” Hayes says now that Solotov forgot that invisibility is essential to their success. He claims Solotov killed Johnson’s wife, Lin. Back in 2005, Solotov saw he didn’t have much choice but to work for Hayes, and Johnson sees the same as Hayes orders him to kill Solotov. Later, as Johnson selects his weapon from the Atlas armory, another member cautions Johnson that once he’s in, there’s no getting out -- that was Solotov’s mistake.

Incinerating the Olive Branch

Julie goes to Bo Winnick’s house and gives him one of Bob Lee’s guns as a peace offering. She says her family has been through hell and going to jail would break her and Mary. Bo scoffs at her gesture and says she’s lucky it isn’t loaded. Prepping for his own fight, Solotov listens as Bo rages at her and all Swaggers.

You Say He’s Just a Friend

Swagger studies Solotov’s tracks outside his house and notices markings different from a typical long gun set-up. He researches in guns and ammo magazines and finds a kind of tripod that would make the marks he found -- the kind of thing a man with a broken arm would use to fire from distance! On his way to Mary’s communion later, Swagger drops by the firing range to find out if he’s sold any equipment that could be used to prop up a long gun, like something someone might use if they had an injured hand. The range owner asks if Swagger’s inquiries have anything to do with Julie’s friend with the broken arm. Swagger’s ears perk up and he races out after hearing the man’s build generally matches Solotov.

Get To the Church On Time

At the church, Julie is recording Mary’s First Communion when Bob Lee calls. Solotov is sitting in the back of the church. Swagger races there, calling Julie frantically, but she’s not answering. Meanwhile, Johnson does recon outside. Swagger pulls up outside the church and grabs a handgun, which he wraps in his blazer jacket. He sits behind Solotov in the church and threatens to kill him right there. Then Solotov reveals the bomb vest under his jacket and says there’s another at the front of the church and he’s holding a dead man’s switch, so if Swagger shoots him, the bomb detonates and they all die.

‘Hayes is Atlas’

On the road in a neighborhood, Memphis and Denning are forced to slow down when a homeless woman’s cart of stuff is overturned in the road. Memphis notices it seems too clean and they speed off, trying to avoid a set-up. But Tio gets anxious and jumps out of the car. She races to a nearby bus and gets on, bumping into a woman in a suit. The woman keeps walking to a car and reveals the syringe in her hand. Memphis catches up to Tio on the bus but she’s already convulsing with blood frothing out of her mouth. With her dying breath, she tells Memphis: “Hayes is Atlas.”

In the Line of Fire

In the church, Solotov explains that he wants all of Atlas’ money, not just his own. Swagger calls it revenge; he calls it justice. In the front of the church, as angry as Julie is that Bob Lee is late, she notices something off between her husband and the man she knows as Travis. Swagger gives Solotov his gun and offers to leave with him if he doesn’t detonate the bombs. Solotov agrees and they leave together out the front door. They’re not clear of the church when Johnson steps out and yells at Swagger to get down. Swagger shouts “no” and dives in front of Johnson’s bullet to prevent Solotov’s bomb inside the church from detonating. Johnson’s bullet hits Swagger in the back and he goes down. Solotov fires back. Solotov helps Swagger into his SUV and tells him to tell Johnson not to fire. Johnson watches as Solotov drives off with Swagger.

Atlas Unmasked

In Washington, D.C, a supremely pissed off Memphis barges into her ex Harris Barnes’ office, but she’s not there to see him, she’s there for his boss: Senator Addison Hayes. (Whoa!)

On the Clock

Back at her house, Julie packs up frantically but notices the barn door is open. She takes a gun out of the safe and goes to inspect. She finds Johnson inside. She holds her weapon on him as he explains what happened outside at the church. When she explains how she knows Solotov and that she invited him, Johnson asks if he ever got close to her phone. Johnson smashes it, realizing it’s why Solotov has always gotten ahead of them. Johnson points out that, because Swagger is injured, they’re on the clock. He asks if she can handle a gun and she assures him she can.

‘We are bound together’

In the back of his truck, Solotov pries the bullet out of Swagger’s side and closes him up with a staple gun. Swagger is in excruciating pain and incapacitated, but alive. “When I have what I need, Swagger, then you can die,” Solotov says. “Until then, we are bound together.”