Someplace Like Bolivia
S2 episode 7 Aired on August 29, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 207,Someplace Like Bolivia

With the death of the Atlas banker at the hands of Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps), Solotov (Josh Stewart) is briefly more focused on something other than hunting the Marines of Unit 8113: finding his money. Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe) and Johnson end up in a Mexican prison, where they’re forced to face some local threats -- and their own past actions. Meanwhile back in the States, Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) makes progress finding out who sold out Kirk Zehnder (Jerry Ferrara). And back at the ranch, Julie Swagger (Shantel VanSanten) is discovering for herself that a gun can create more problems than it solves.

‘The Plan is: Don’t Die’

After being stopped by the Federales at gunpoint, Swagger and Johnson are almost relieved to be subject to a shakedown and not handed over to the cartel. Instead, they’re taken to a prison where Acevedo, the warden, wants money, but doesn’t yet know who they are. Once in lockup, Johnson is spoiling for a fight and decks the first inmate who gives him attitude. Swagger is angry, pointing out he just gave up any tactical advantage they might have had in people not knowing they could defend themselves. The close quarters leads the men to relive the events of last year, when Johnson set-up Swagger.

Solotov Finds One More Reason to Hunt Swagger

After a trip to his banker’s house in Mexico, Solotov turns his attention to trying to access his money. Unfortunately, the man he used to access it through is dead and a dozen calls to international accounts gets him nowhere without the banker’s ledger, which Swagger has.

Julie is Persona Non Grata at the Range

Julie heads to the firing range, but the manager tells her that he can’t allow her to shoot after she fired her weapon near Bo Winnick’s head. Julie is frustrated, but turns to leave. Solotov as “Travis” just happens to be in the parking lot. She invites him to Mary’s first communion at the church on Sunday, saying that Bob Lee will be there.

Johnson Admits he’s Beyond Redemption

In prison, Swagger is disturbed to hear Johnson’s obvious lack of respect for human life. Johnson says he stopped caring when they killed his wife. Swagger insists nothing makes killing arbitrarily acceptable, then proves it by stopping a shiv attempt on Johnson by another inmate, while leaving the attacker wounded but alive. Johnson takes the opportunity to try to clear his conscience a little, telling Swagger he didn’t agree with the call to send someone to kill him in prison last year. Johnson claims he feels bad every day about killing Donnie Fenn’s 70-year-old mother, but insists Jack Payne would have tortured her if he hadn’t. He knows it was wrong and isn’t looking for redemption.

On the Trail of Zehnder’s Faked File

When Jeffrey Denning (Troy Garrity) shares Zehnder’s discharge papers with Memphis, she notices something off. The papers include his psych evaluation, which wouldn’t have been released for privacy reasons. There’s a signature of the person who released the papers, but it’s redacted. She suspects someone, possibly Johnson, was trying to discredit Zehnder by faking the eval. They head to visit Angela Tio, hoping for help.

From Bad to Worse (Which Is Saying a Lot in a Mexican Prison)

Swagger and Johnson are plotting their escape when the guards come for Swagger. Acevedo has seen the alerts for them in connection with the death of the banker, Carlos Cruz. He’s after the contents of the banker’s safe, which Swagger stuffed in the truck seat when they were pulled over. Acevedo offers to let Swagger go if he turns it over, but Swagger plays dumb. When he returns to the yard he tells Johnson that he’s in the Federales system, which they both know means Solotov will be coming soon.

They start a fight and try to sneak out in the chaos, but run into the gangster that Johnson punched, who isn’t inclined to help them leave. The warden is out of patience when neither Marine is willing to give him the ledger, so he locks them in small upright wooden boxes (think: standing coffin) in the hot Mexico sun. With nowhere to go, Swagger asks Johnson again why he set him up last year. Johnson thought he was doing important work with Gregson and wanted to know what it was like to be in charge. He claims he saw setting up Swagger as a mission and took his emotions out of it, but they both know that’s a lie. Swagger passes out briefly in the heat and when he comes to, Johnson is gone. Acevedo tells him Johnson agreed to his deal but won’t give him what he wants until he sees Swagger go free. Swagger briefly fights back as an excuse to get slammed to the warden’s desk and swipe something. He slips it to Johnson as they pass on his way out, saying he’ll see him soon.

And Now Julie Swagger Has a Target on Her Back

Julie is shopping by herself in a hardware store when a man runs into her cart then makes it clear he’s a friend of Bo Winnick. Another man shows up and soon Mary sees Bo himself, with his bandaged ear from her gunshot. The men try to intimidate her. Winnick has learned about Bob Lee and thinks he’s good for a payout, but Julie isn’t in the mood for a shakedown and threatens to sic Bob Lee on him instead, warning him to stay away.

Swagger’s Spanish Skills Pay Off

In the back of a Federale car, Swagger understands the driver and his friend as they discuss where to kill him. Luckily, he has loosened the screen separating him from the front cab and easily kicks it out onto them, getting a gun. He pulls over and learns the location of the car impound lot and that Acevedo plans to kill Johnson, too.

Angela Tio goes AWOL

Tio reluctantly agrees to access Zehnder’s records for Memphis and Denning, to confirm that someone altered them. Tio goes inside the record room, but takes too long to come back. When Memphis follows her trail, she discovers that Tio, and the box of records, are in the wind. They stop by her barracks, which has been cleaned out except for a book with a photo of her with a man inside. Denning thinks it looks like the man is in hospital scrubs, but Memphis recognizes them as something else.

The Story of How a Mexican Peso Saves Johnson’s Life

In his box at the prison, Johnson works on the screws with a coin Swagger slipped to him. Acevedo comes for him, wanting to know where the ledger is. He tells him it’s in Swagger’s truck. The guards throw him back in a box, but it’s a different one and he’s back to square one with the screws. Meanwhile, after hearing through Julie’s tapped phone that Swagger is in Mexico, Solotov finds Johnson in the Federale database and shows up at the prison, posing as an ATF agent ready to bend the rules. He bribes Acevedo, who takes him to the wooden boxes, but Johnson’s box is empty. Acevedo has outlived his usefulness, so Solotov steps behind him and shoots him in the head. After Solotov walks away, Johnson emerges from another box where he was hiding and helps himself to Acevedo’s gun as he goes.

On Tio’s Trail to Columbus, Ohio

Tio comes home in Columbus to find Memphis and Denning waiting for her. Her brother gets out of prison in nearby Mansfield in four months, on a reduced sentence. Someone paid off the house right around the time she heard the name Hugh Meachum. She agrees to tell them everything, but worries who else might be after her.

Back in Texas, But Far From Home Free

After retrieving the ledger from the truck at the impound lot, Swagger buries it and the safe contents in the desert and heads for home. Meanwhile, Johnson makes his way to freedom outside the prison, but he has a long way to go. Swagger returns back to Texas in a harried and disheveled state and only has long enough to tell Julie that Ali is dead and he doesn’t know where Johnson is before Sheriff Brown shows up. But he’s not there for Bob Lee – Bo Winnick filed a complaint, the sheriff is there for Julie.