Across The Rio Grande
S2 episode 6 Aired on August 22, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 206, Across The Rio Grande

Following the death of yet another member of Marine Unit 8113, Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe) is ready to bring the fight to Solotov (Josh Stewart) -- but first he has to find him. When he discovers a way to trace cartel cash back to the Atlas banker Solotov uses, the Marines head to Mexico, where things don’t go as planned. Back in Texas, Solotov is stalking Julie Swagger (Shantel VanSanten) and enjoying her slow unraveling, and in Washington, D.C. Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addia-Robinson) continues following the Atlas trail, even when it puts a target on her back.

As Always, Follow the Money

Swagger is brought to the local sheriff’s station for questioning about the four dead Las Fantasmas cartel members at the refinery. Sheriff Brown isn’t terribly concerned about dead gang members, but suggests Swagger watch out for retaliation. He mentions that no matter what they do, the cartel’s trucks of drugs leave Mexico and return full of cash every day. Swagger takes this intel back to Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) and Yusuf Ali (Patrick Sabongui) and suggests they follow the cartel’s money back to their banker, which they know is connected to Atlas and, therefore, Solotov.


Ali buys drugs off a Las Fantasmas member and he and Johnson watch as a courier picks up the cash. They follow it through various handoffs and locations until it ends up in a truck yard. Swagger sneaks into a semi truck and finds palettes of money. He hides as the truck hits the road. After the semi is out in the middle of nowhere, Swagger orders the couriers to pull over and lets them go. Ali is tempted by the massive piles of cash and takes a couple stacks. Swagger and Johnson rig the rest of the cash and wait for the man in charge to show up. When he does, the Marines order him to call his boss. Swagger gets on the phone and asks if he’s Solotov’s banker. Swagger lists all the cash warehouse locations and threatens to blow them up to get the Fantasmas coming after the banker. When banker doesn’t answer Swagger, takes it as a yes. They release the hired hands but take their boss across the border.

‘Atlas exists, and they’re coming’

Nadine meets with the reporter Jeffrey Denning (Troy Garity) and tells him that Kirk Zehnder (Jerry Ferrara) wasn’t dead, but is now. Denning has heard of Atlas, but can’t prove the group is real. Nadine thinks they’re being watched. “Atlas exists, and they’re coming,” she says. She calls her ex-boyfriend Harris Barnes (Jesse Bradford), who works for the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He reluctantly meets with her and Denning to try to scare them off chasing what he says is a “ghost story” that people trot out when they need budget money. When Harris leaves, Nadine calls in the Marshals.

Solotov Stalks the Swagger Women

Back at the ranch, Solotov watches and listens to Julie, Mary (Lexy Kolker)and the ranch manager Estella (Gina Gallego) as they load into the car and head to church for a food drive. The priest, who has a steer head tattoo on his arm, checks in on Julie, who says she’s doing better. Later, Solotov shows up to the church food drive as Travis and chats up the Swagger ladies. He gets a call that something is wrong.

Setting the Trap

In Mexico, Ali, Johnson, and Swagger scope out the banker’s compound to plan their assault. With their hostage driving, Ali and Johnson ride in the truck up to the gate. They come out shooting with Ali providing cover from the hills. Inside the house, the banker races to finish a transaction on his computer. When Swagger busts in, he orders the banker to bankrupt Solotov to get his attention.

Hair Trigger

Back at the firing range, Bo Winnick, the annoying man who harassed Julie last time, is there and gets in her face again. When he steps in front of her to take her lane, she goes into a controlled rage. With her gun still in her hand, she raises it behind his head -- and fires. Right past his ear. On purpose. The blast bursts Bo’s eardrum and she walks away calmly as he yells in pain.

On the Run from Atlas

Denning packs up his things where he’s been staying, but Memphis notices telltale shadows of feet on the other side of the front door. She and Denning hide in the closet. The attackers come in and are steps away when they get radioed that the Marshals are pulling up. Denning wants to wait for the Marshals, but given that Memphis’ call to them brought killers, she knows they’re on their own now. Later, Memphis visits Barnes to warn him that she’s being followed and he should be careful. She and Denning find an airbnb for the night.

Solotov Strikes Again

Expecting Solotov to show up soon, Swagger heads for the hills to set up on overwatch, while Johnson stays in the compound with the banker. Outside the compound, Swagger radios Ali but gets only silence. Then Solotov responds. Ali is badly wounded in a truck pulling up to the compound. Solotov jumps out and as Swagger races down the hillside to the truck with Ali trapped inside, it explodes. Swagger goes in the house and finds that Solotov has already killed the help. Solotov rigs the AC in the basement to gas the house. Outside, tanks and Federales pull up. Solotov reaches Johnson and the banker, but Johnson uses him as a shield, and Solotov doesn’t want to lose his money. When Swagger busts in, Solotov jumps out the window and escapes. Swagger orders the banker to open his safe and finds a ledger. With the Federales closing in on them in the office, Johnson grows impatient and shoots the banker.

Confession on a Party Line

Later, Julie visits her priest to tell him about the guy at the range. Solotov enjoys listening to her story through her tapped phone.

Running into Trouble

After they escape, Swagger is angry that yet again Johnson seems to be making things personal and killing when it isn’t strategic. He thinks they could have gotten more info from the banker, but Johnson is satisfied that at least Solotov can’t get his money from him. They ride in angry silence back to the border, but come around a curve and run directly into a Federale road black with no escape. They’re outgunned and know that opening fire would mean death. Swagger cuts open his seat and stuffs their phones and passports and the ledger. Then Swagger and Johnson slowly get out and surrender.