The Man Called Noon
S2 episode 5 Aired on August 15, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 205, “The Man Called Noon”

The Man Called Noon

Having conclusively determined that Solotov is the one hunting them, Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe) and Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) head to Seattle for help from – why not? – a Russian gangster. Back in Texas, Julie (Shantel VanSanten) is determined not to run from danger again, but ends up being closer to it than she could have imagined. Meanwhile, Nadine Memphis’ (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) hunt for information on Kirk Zehnder (Jerry Ferrara) takes a surprising turn, but will it be enough to keep the Marines a step ahead of Solotov?

The Source of Zehnder’s Role

(Afghanistan flashback) On the base after the disastrous transport, Zehnder is fired up that Johnson isn’t going to look into Donnie’s suspicions about Solotov’s involvement in the mullah’s wife’s death. He wonders who ordered them to hit the mullah and who Johnson told about the wife’s transport. He grabs the tossed copy of Donnie’s report. The other members of the unit are resigned to moving on from the whole affair.

Solotov ‘The Ghost’

Far away up on a hill, Solotov does recon. He meets with two local fighters and tells them to broadcast his name on the radio for the Marines to hear. They do, but still end up dead. Johnson reports on the legend of Solotov, a Chechen whose nickname is “the ghost.” His kill count is over 400, but nobody has heard from him since 2009. The Russians wanted him so badly they bombed an entire town of civilians to get him, but he got away. Johnson won’t let Swagger leave the base as long as he’s Solotov’s target.

Memphis Hits Paydirt in Zehnder’s Storage

Memphis breaks into Kirk Zehnder’s storage locker and is looking around when she’s attacked. She gets tossed around but fights back, incapacitating her attacker. She’s shocked when she finally sees his face: it’s Zehnder. When he wakes up, he explains that he’s been hiding out for awhile, pretending to be dead to stay safe. Memphis promises to protect him in exchange for whatever he was going to give to Denning. To prove she’s on his side, she calls Swagger, who’s with Johnson and Yusuf Ali (Patrick Sabongui) in Seattle to talk to Alexi Rosovich, who is out of prison and in a nursing home. Zehnder is anxious and insists they keep moving.

Retirement, Russian-gangster style

Inside the Seattle care facility, Swagger, Johnson, and Ali find it’s a front for a bustling casino with roulette wheels and beautiful women. Rosovich denies he’s dying, saying a little poison could never hurt him. They show him the Golden Crescent diagram and he takes them to meet a fellow Russian gangster, saying he’ll have answers. But once at the bar, Johnson, Swagger, and Ali are stunned spectators as Rosovich lays into his rival for running an online child pornography operation and shoots him through the gut. With that business taken care of, Rosovich explains that he used Swagger for back-up because his target was untouchable by Russians. But he makes good on his offer of help to Swagger, taking the key to the dead man’s safe and showing the men a kilo of heroin with the Golden Crescent mark on it.

Atlas Obscura

On the road with Memphis, Zehnder tells her about a group called Atlas that’s supposedly running everything behind the scenes. As Zehnder babbles, he works on taking his cuffs off in her backseat. When Memphis takes out her phone to call Bob Lee, he grabs her phone and tosses it out the window, saying he’s ready to take her to his evidence now.

Rosovich Offers Insight on Solotov’s Motivation

Rosovich gives the Marines a history lesson on Solotov, saying he went to work for some dark organization named Atlas after the war. But no one knows what the members look like, secrecy is their first priority. Johnson thinks that explains why Solotov went after Donnie -- because Donnie took Solotov’s UN badge with his picture on it. Ali tells them about Zehnder keeping Donnie’s report. The pieces start to fall into place. Swagger was always bothered that Solotov let his name be broadcast on the radio back in Afghanistan, but he realizes Solotov was faking a sniper versus sniper thing when Donnie was the real target. Now they’re being targeted because Denning was on the story and had Zehnder’s copy of the report. Swagger tries Memphis but her phone is laying by a Texas road somewhere.

Close Range Target Practice

Earlier in Texas, Bob Lee tried to convince Julie to leave town with Mary, but she was dead set against it. Julie heads to the firing range, where some sleazeball hits on her. She shuts him down and he calls her names. When she takes offense, another man comes to her defense. He introduces himself as Travis and explains that his arm is in a cast because his young daughter accidentally shut it the car door, so he’s learning to do everything left-handed: it’s Solotov. He chats up Julie, appealing to her as a parent. He walks her to her car and says he’s in town selling farm equipment. When he asks for a recommendation of a good church, she tells him about St. Francis. He asks her to email him the info and gets her to take out her phone.

Planning an Ambush Out in the Open

On the road, Memphis and Zehnder are bonding over shared conspiracy theories when Memphis notices a car following them in her rearview. Meanwhile, Swagger returns home from Seattle to find Julie in a good mood after chatting about life with Soltov. Back in his hotel room, Solotov listens as Julie quotes something he said about marriage to Bob Lee. He has turned her phone into a listening device. Then Memphis calls Swagger and tells him about their tail. Swagger formulates a plan for her to lead the tail to a refinery by his house. Solotov hears everything.

Solotov is a Step Ahead

When day breaks, Swagger, Johnson and Ali are all in place as Memphis leads the car into Swagger’s sights at the empty refinery. He stops the car with a bullet to the tire and Johnson and Ali rush the driver. But when they reach it, they see it was rigged and no one as at the wheel. Johnson cries ambush and they turn and start shooting as the local guns Solotov hired come out blazing. Memphis leaves Zehnder in her car but he gets anxious after the firefight breaks out and takes it and drives off. After a relatively easy fight with inexperienced gang members, Swagger, Johnson, Ali, and Memphis try to make sense of things. Memphis mentions Zehnder’s allegation that Atlas shares a banker with the cartel. Swagger worries that the fact Solotov left underlings to handle them means he was really after Zehnder.

‘Burning the rope’

Zehnder goes back to his storage facility and retrieves Solotov’s fake UN ID from its hiding place in his microwave. When he walks back out, he calls Swagger. But he doesn’t get far before he takes a bullet in the chest. Solotov walks up on Zehnder and finishes him then picks up the phone. He explains to Swagger on the other end this will be over when everyone who has seen his face is gone.  Solotov says: “I’m not tying up loose ends, Swagger. I am burning the rope.”