Don't Mess With Texas
S2 episode 3 Aired on August 1, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 203, Don't Mess With Texas

Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) and Dobbs (Terry Boyd) are back in Texas, but so is the man hunting them. Solotov the sniper is determined to clean up an old mess to save his own skin, and that’s bad news for the men of Marine unit 8113. Meanwhile, Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) is following the trail from Frankfurt and finding that her new boss Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo) has different ideas about what to do with the truth.

Spain, 3 Months Ago

Solotov is relaxing at home cooking dinner when he sees an assassin approaching out of the corner of his eye. His chef’s knife becomes a weapon of defense. One of his attackers says that Solotov has to go because the Marines saw his face and a reporter is asking questions. Solotov dispatches with his attackers and leaves dinner on the stove as he bugs out.

On the Outside

Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) gets the visit from Gregson that he demanded, but she’s no longer interested in his services. He’s looking for revenge, she’s looking for a clean break. Johnson heads to Texas and reaches out to Swagger, who isn’t exactly happy to see the man who set him up for murder and put his family in danger. Johnson wants to work together to find whomever is hunting them, but Swagger isn’t feeling so trusting and tells him no. Johnson is driving away from the meet when a car forces him off the road. The driver gets out and draws on Johnson, but before he can fire, Swagger charges down the road in his truck and runs the man over.

Memphis Looks for Answers in the Fourth Estate

Memphis does research on the Golden Crescent and finds that a Post reporter named Jeffrey Denning wrote about them and the heroin trade. She goes to see Denning’s editor, Charles Broadwell, to try to learn more about the Golden Crescent and an international terrorist ring with ties to the U.S. government. She drops Gregson’s name and Broadwell tells her Denning is on sabbatical.

Pawns in the CIA’s Game

In a flashback to Afghanistan, Johnson has been told to keep the mullah’s wife in custody, but he doesn’t know why. He’s summoned to Kabul for a meeting that turns out to be with Gregson, then-Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It’s their first meeting. She knows about Hugh Meachum’s CIA drug trade and wants Johnson to help stop him. She won’t take no for an answer. With Johnson off base, Swagger is in charge. A group of American tough guys that Swagger suspects are CIA stop at the base claiming car trouble. He thinks they’re after the mullah’s wife so he hides her.

Solotov Tries to Clean Up

Solotov requests a meeting with his boss Addison Hayes (Harry Hamlin), but goes wearing a bomb vest, just in case. Hayes gives him two weeks to deal with Swagger and company. Swagger and Colin Dobbs (Todd Lowe) have the man who tried to run over Johnson and start working him over for answers, but he’s not talking. They find a Maltese passport on him with visits in the last week to Brazil, Egypt, and Thailand. When Johnson hears Thailand, his patience evaporates. He realizes the man must be the one who killed his wife, and shoots him without hesitation. Swagger is angry he killed their only lead, and sends a text from the man’s phone to meet with whomever he’s working for. Solotov reads the text, then calls someone to meet with Swagger at the diner, telling him to be sure Swagger brings him out front. He’ll be waiting.

Waiting to Meet the Enemy

Johnson and Swagger sit down at a table while Dobbs stands watch. A man arrives to meet them and tries to get them to go outside, but Swagger’s sniper sense tingles. The man takes a waitress hostage and the diner erupts in panic. Swagger does the math, then quickly pulls out his gun and shoots the man in the shoulder, saving the woman.


Memphis comes home to find her boyfriend Harris Downey (Jesse Bradford) standing in his underwear while police tear her place apart. Having made her point, Gregson arrives and ends the search. She’s trying to intimidate Memphis and scold her for using her name with Broadwell, but Memphis isn’t impressed. Gregson knows Swagger is being hunted and it goes back to the Afghani heroin, but she’s not interested in the press knowing that. Memphis forgets her boss’ words a short time later when Denning texts and Memphis says she still wants to meet.

Tying Up Loose Ends

After the shooting at the diner, Johnson makes himself scarce while Swagger talks to the sheriff. The attacker is wheeled out on a stretcher to an ambulance. Solotov slips into the crowd that is gathered and tosses a firecracker as a distraction. He climbs into the back of the ambulance and injects his own man with something, killing him, without anyone knowing he was ever there.

Dobbs Heads Home

Swagger and Dobbs head back to Swagger’s house, where he starts grabbing weapons. He wants to stand watch, but Dobbs is ready to head home. Julie (Shantel VanSanten) is also ready for answers. Dobbs hits the road, but pulls over when he sees he’s being followed. He pretends to fix his tire, waiting to see what the person’s intentions are. When they get out with a gun, Dobbs opens fire, killing the attacker. Dobbs is looking around to see if there are any more people after him when he is hit in the chest and goes down.

Swagger and Johnson Learn to Keep Secrets

Back in Afghanistan, the CIA guys aren’t happy when they discover Swagger is hiding the mullah’s wife. The two groups of men stare each other down until guns are drawn, but Swagger doesn’t back down and the men leave. When Johnson returns from Kabul, he lies to Swagger about his trip, downplaying it like it was nothing. Swagger doesn’t tell him about the CIA visit.

Solotov Claims Another Victim

At the Swagger ranch, Bob Lee finishes telling Julie what’s going on. She’s angry and distraught that he doesn’t have more information or a plan to stop what’s happening. They’re interrupted by a late night visit from Sheriff Brown. He breaks the news that Dobbs was killed. He says it looks like a robbery, but Swagger knows otherwise. In flashback, we see the shooter: it’s Solotov.