The Hunting Party
S2 episode 1 Aired on July 18, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 201, “The Hunting Party”

Bob Lee (Ryan Phillippe) and Julie Swagger (Shantel VanSanten) have relocated to West Texas and are adjusting to normal life. A medal presentation takes them to Germany, where Swagger’s unit comes under attack. Living in anonymity in Bangkok, Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) begins to realize he’s not safe anymore and Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) is drawn back in by a familiar frenemy as the events of last season begin to catch up to everyone, around the globe.

Overseas, Under Fire

The season’s opening scenes take us to Frankfurt, Germany, where Bob Lee lauds his friend Kevin “Doc” Campbell at a Silver Star ceremony in a fancy hotel ballroom. Suddenly, the ceremony is interrupted by attackers dressed as policemen, who spray the room with bullets. Bob Lee dives over Julie to protect her, then kicks into action, tackling one attacker and neutralizing him. The attackers are all wearing bomb vests. His friend Rodriguez takes a bullet in the arm but the attackers are soon overpowered. Swagger tracks the last one to the lobby and shoots him, but with civilians nearby, Doc Campbell approaches the fallen man to disarm the vest. Something catches Swagger’s eye and, in an instant, Campbell is swallowed up as the bomb explodes.

3 Days Earlier

In Frankfurt, a man picks up a woman at a bar, telling her he’ll be in town for a few weeks then back a lot since he just got the territory. The next morning, he wakes up at her place – which has a perfect line of sight to the banquet hall. In Texas, the Swaggers say good-bye to Mary and leave on their trip. Memphis, now a senior special agent with the FBI, is stationed in Washington, D.C. but is frustrated to be behind a desk in the Office of Personnel Management. But she seems to have a good casual thing going with a senator’s aide, whom she meets when their schedules allow (don’t call it a “nooner”). She gets a call from former NSA director Patricia Gregson (Beverly D’Angelo), who then tracks Nadine down with a vague job offer. In Bangkok, Johnson has settled in nicely, with a training routine and regular noodle vendor. But on his way home one day, he thinks he’s being followed.

R & R and Recon

The night before the ceremony, Swagger’s unit and their wives and girlfriends cut loose in a bar, swapping old war stories. When someone asks Bob Lee if he has seen Johnson, Swagger lies and says no. Across the street, the mystery man runs surveillance on the group.

Bob Lee Knows a Sniper Shot When He Sees One

The next day, the mystery man coordinates the attackers then sets up on a long gun from the woman’s apartment. After the attack begins, the man waits for someone to be flushed into the lobby, and into his sights. When his hook-up returns unexpectedly to her apartment, the man coolly shoots her in the head then turns his attention back to the hotel. From the hotel lobby, Bob Lee sees the bullet milliseconds before the vest donates and kills Campbell.

On the Trail of Something

Julie is understandably freaked out after the attack and just wants to get home to Mary, but the airports are closed as a security measure. She and Bob Lee agree he should stay to accompany Campbell’s body back to the States. Bob Lee surveys the scene in the lobby, suspicious that he saw the window glass broken by a bullet before the bomb went off. He snapped a photo of nearby apartment buildings and sees one that had the curtains open. He and Dobs go to check it out. He sees tiny holes around a window and paint chips and concludes the shooter was there and hung a screen to take his shot. Then they find the dead woman in the bathroom, poorly staged to look like a suicide.

Friends in High Places

Julie is a wreck and desperate to leave the city, and reaches out to Memphis in D.C. for help, but Memphis is persona non grata and her boss shuts her down. A short time later, Memphis gets a call from Gregson, who somehow knows she’s trying to get Julie out of Frankfurt. She asks Memphis to meet and arrives with instruction that will let Julie leave Germany on a military plane. Memphis is angry that she didn’t do anything wrong and is still paying a political price for helping Swagger. Gregson encourages her to accept that she’s going nowhere at the FBI and come work for her.

‘They’re cleaning up’

In Bangkok, Johnson sees the news of the shooting in Frankfurt and that Bob Lee was involved and wakes his wife up in the middle of the night, announcing it’s time to go. “They’re cleaning up, it’s not safe for us anymore,” he says. The next day, they come under fire on a busy market street and although he’s able to take out their attackers, his wife is hit badly in the leg. She insists she’ll be OK and says they need to keep moving.

‘We’re being hunted’

Back in Germany in the destroyed banquet hall, they find a seating chart on one of the attackers and learn that they were specifically targeting Swagger and his unit. Rodriguez is in the hospital recovering from his arm wound when is told he’s being transferred. His ambulance driver is the mystery man. The man pulls over and injects Rodriguez with something before he can fight back, killing him. Swagger and Dobs arrive at the hospital too late. Rodriguez’s body is found in the ambulance a short time later. Hospital surveillance shows the mystery man wheeling him out, but he’s careful never to let the camera see his face. “This wasn’t terrorism – it was murder. We’re being hunted,” Bob Lee says.