Season 1 episodes

S1 EP10
...Through Resolution
As Grace discusses recent events with her therapist, she worries that it might be too late to save her relationship with Neil. But while Grace says she is committed to making her marriage work, she isn’t ready to wipe away the part of her life that had the affair.
S1 EP9
...Through Revelation
Already blindsided by the revelation that Neil knows about her and Simon, Grace is further knocked off balance when Simon shows up at the house and asks her to leave Neil for him. But while she may not be ready to start a new life with her escort-turned-admirer, she feels like she can’t stay where she is.
S1 EP8
...Through Security
News that the angry husband of a date is out to get him has Neil wondering how he became the “other man” in someone else’s marriage, and how far he’s willing to go to keep the ones he loves safe.
S1 EP7
...Through Terms and Conditions
A neighborhood-waking argument between Lawrence and Renee leads to a fight between Neil and Grace, and things only get worse when Neil has to back out of Anika’s first college visit in order to put in extra hours on his happiness app project. However, Lawrence’s relationship woes and a horde of invading pool partiers threaten to hijack Neil’s work time, as does a former client trying to get in contact with Neil for a second date.
S1 EP6
...Through Exposure
Adriana hires Grace to redecorate her home, but Grace doesn’t quite know what to make of this mysterious, libertine woman living in a big house by herself.
S1 EP5
...Through Partnership
Neil worries that sensitive information about his recent activities could leak when hackers take over the system at work, but it's Grace whose secrets are revealed, sending Neil to Simon’s door.
S1 EP4
...Through Self Discovery
Adriana shows up at the office with another indecent proposal, but Neil has bigger fish to fry: namely, the FBI. His little stunt on the plane may have been cathartic, but the powers that be are taking it very seriously, and if Neil wants to avoid serious jail time he’s going to have to show the court a squeaky clean, remorseful face.
S1 EP3
...Through Competition
Neil angrily confronts Simon about the picture from Anika, but talk soon turns to Grace. Realizing he can learn a thing or two from Simon, Neil decides to make a deal with his adversary: he’ll get the IRS to back off if Simon will tell him everything that Grace said about their marriage. But as it turns out, making good on his end of the bargain will be easier said than done for Neil.
S1 EP2
...Through Admission
Neil thinks his dalliance with the escort world has given him the shot in the arm that he needs, but he’s quickly thrown off balance again when the Zen Master texts Grace from Simon’s phone in order to push Neil to embrace his new life by coming clean. And when Adrianna’s meddling causes Neil to blow a big meeting with Charles, it seems that the new lies in Neil’s life may be causing more harm than good.
S1 EP1
Neil Truman seems to have it all. Gorgeous home. Beautiful wife and daughter. Lucrative job as an investment banker. It’s the American dream – so why isn’t he happy? The truth is that nearly two decades of marriage and years of 80 hour work weeks spent helping the rich get richer have left Neal feeling like he’s missing…something.