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S2 EP10
...Through New Beginnings
The deal with Barry, the former Bastion client, to invest in Neil and Grace’s new escort service is looking promising until Adriana sours him on it so she can put herself forward as their investor instead. But Neil and Grace do not want to get into bed, so to speak, with Adriana. Neil then approaches Kate, the blogger who wrote the exposé on him, about her introducing them to an angel investor whom she knows in exchange for their cooperation on being the subjects of a book she wants to write. But when Neil sees that there are too many strings attached, he backs away. Now that Simon is the CEO of Waverly Industries, could he be the partner they’ve been looking for?
S2 EP9
...Through Family
Simon secretly meets with his father, who tells him about a land deal with Omar in Malawi that went south. Arthur tells Simon what to do with the company and how to pay off Omar, but Simon thinks there’s something fishy about Arthur’s explanation and what he’s asked him to do, especially after Arthur tells him that he knows that Emma is pregnant with Simon’s child and is keeping Emma away from Simon until the dust settles.
S2 EP8
...Through Psychadelics
While Neil and Grace frantically search Julian’s campsite and then his drug lab for Anika, they don’t know that she has snuck back to Adriana’s house to retrieve Julian’s drugs that Adriana confiscated from her while she was staying there. However, Anika only succeeds in getting the combination to the safe. Julian reassures her that he’ll take of the rest. He later pays Adriana a visit while Neil and Grace are there. Anika shows up, providing the perfect distraction for Julian to sneak away, get his drugs from the safe and take off—without Anika.
S2 EP7
...Through Travel
When news of Victor’s arrest becomes public, Bastion’s clients start jumping ship. The only way Neil thinks he can save the firm is by getting on a plane and meeting with the clients in person. Grace offers to join him and proves to be not only enjoyable company but also instrumental in holding onto one of Bastion’s biggest clients, Barry, who seems more intrigued by Neil and Grace’s new escort venture.
S2 EP6
...Through Negotiation
Neil and Grace begin to navigate having an open marriage. Jealous that Adriana has set up Neil with a client for their big upcoming party, Grace takes it upon herself to cancel it, angering Adriana. After exploring setting up each other with dates as a compromise, Neil pleasantly surprises Grace by presenting himself as her escort for the evening.
S2 EP5
...Through Struggle
When Neil arrives at work, he discovers the office crawling with SEC investigators. Victor says that someone who’s got a vendetta against them must’ve tipped off the SEC. But Neil knows exactly who is responsible for the “anonymous” tip. However, when he confronts Adriana, she refuses to call off the dogs so she and Neil begin to wage a dirty war. After Victor confesses to Neil that he has been cooking the books for years, proof of which the SEC will surely find, Neil threatens to bring Adriana down along with Bastion. She finally cries “uncle” and the two agree to a temporary peace treaty.
S2 EP4
...Through Bondage
Emboldened by her night with Adriana in bed, Grace becomes intrigued by the idea of feeling powerful for the first time, since she’s already experienced some pleasure and plenty of pain. Adriana is of course more than happy to assist with fulfilling that desire. She takes Grace to a very high end S&M club where Grace gets to dominate a stranger under Adriana’s tutelage. But when she finds out that Adriana forged Neil’s signature on the separation agreement, Grace decides to turn the tables on her manipulative hostess.
S2 EP3
...Through Expansion
Encouraged by the exposure he’s gotten from Kate’s online exposé, Neil approaches Simon about starting an escort business together. At first Simon is game, but as he tries to reconnect with his estranged father, Arthur, all his old feelings of resentment and anger bubble to the surface, causing Simon to challenge and push away Neil as well.
S2 EP2
...Through Risk
Hoping for some downtime at Adriana’s house to figure things out, Grace instead finds herself getting swept up into preparations for Adriana’s next party. Spurred on by both Adriana’s encouragement and her need to prove to a competitive member of Adriana’s team that she’s not just a middle-aged housewife, Grace recruits a potential escort to attend the party. Adriana is pleased that Grace is exploring her “shadow side.”
S2 EP1
...Through Release
Just as Neil and Grace are about to leave for Milan, the husband of Neil’s very first client, shows up at their house with a gun, threatening to kill him for ruining their marriage. Neil pushes him into the empty pool. The fall kills him. Neil then confesses everything to a shocked Grace. Out of desperation, he calls Adriana to handle the messy yet delicate situation, which winds up adding fuel to the fire when they both discover Adriana’s involvement in each other’s lives.