...Through Family
S2 episode 9 Aired on December 11, 2015

Simon secretly meets with his father, who tells him about a land deal with Omar in Malawi that went south. Arthur tells Simon what to do with the company and how to pay off Omar, but Simon thinks there’s something fishy about Arthur’s explanation and what he’s asked him to do, especially after Arthur tells him that he knows that Emma is pregnant with Simon’s child and is keeping Emma away from Simon until the dust settles. 

Meanwhile, helping Anika has stirred Adriana’s maternal instincts so much that she now thinks it’s time to have the eggs she froze some years ago fertilized. She asks Grace if she will help her find the right donor. 

Realizing that after all they’ve been through, they’re now a sort of family, albeit a highly dysfunctional one, Neil, Grace, Simon and Adriana band together to get to the bottom of Arthur’s shady dealings and save Simon from having to be his father’s pawn ever again. In the end, though, Simon takes matters with Arthur into his own hands and resolves the matter once and for all.