...Through Psychadelics
S2 episode 8 Aired on December 4, 2015

While Neil and Grace frantically search Julian’s campsite and then his drug lab for Anika, they don’t know that she has snuck back to Adriana’s house to retrieve Julian’s drugs that Adriana confiscated from her while she was staying there. However, Anika only succeeds in getting the combination to the safe. Julian reassures her that he’ll take of the rest. He later pays Adriana a visit while Neil and Grace are there. Anika shows up, providing the perfect distraction for Julian to sneak away, get his drugs from the safe and take off—without Anika. 

While Simon is at the airport signing the paperwork for the bodies of Emma and Arthur to be transported to the states, Omar Sendhal appears and tells Simon that they died when their car went over an embankment and caught fire. Then he informs Simon that he has 48 hours to show him a good faith gesture that he’ll be paid. When Simon returns home, he asks Neil if there’s any way he can help expedite his father’s will and liquidate some of the assets, but he doesn’t explain why. Neil agrees to try. Then Simon gets a strange phone call: it’s Arthur, who tells his shocked son that he faked the accident to make it look like he and Emma were dead.