...Through Travel
S2 episode 7 Aired on November 27, 2015

When news of Victor’s arrest becomes public, Bastion’s clients start jumping ship. The only way Neil thinks he can save the firm is by getting on a plane and meeting with the clients in person. Grace offers to join him and proves to be not only enjoyable company but also instrumental in holding onto one of Bastion’s biggest clients, Barry, who seems more intrigued by Neil and Grace’s new escort venture. 

Anika appears on Adriana’s doorstep seeking her help. The money Neil gave her has been stolen but Anika knows exactly who took it: Julian, the leader of an alternative community she fell in with. Flattered and pleased that Anika came to her, Adriana tries to get the money back from Julian. When he tells her it’s already been invested, Adriana gives Anika money from her own stash pretending it’s from Julian on the condition she never sees him again. But ultimately Adriana’s cover-up makes Julian look like the hero instead of her, sending Anika right back into the shyster’s arms. 

With two detectives on his tail questioning him about Donnie’s murder, Simon has no way of getting to Argentina. He finally turns to a wealthy former client, Amara, whom he seduces into flying with him down to Buenos Aires on her private jet. When Simon goes to report Arthur and Emma as missing persons, the police inform Simon that they’re not missing…they’re dead.