...Through Negotiation
S2 episode 6 Aired on November 20, 2015

Neil and Grace begin to navigate having an open marriage. Jealous that Adriana has set up Neil with a client for their big upcoming party, Grace takes it upon herself to cancel it, angering Adriana. After exploring setting up each other with dates as a compromise, Neil pleasantly surprises Grace by presenting himself as her escort for the evening. 

At the party, Adriana pulls Neil aside to tell him that the SEC case will be closed when they arrest Victor on fraud and money laundering charges. When Neil protests Victor taking the fall, she says Victor would’ve thrown Neil under the bus the first chance he got. Not only did Adriana save him from that fate, Neil is now in charge of the firm thanks to her.  

Simon tracks down the doctor whom Arthur paid to falsify his illness but he has no idea why Arthur went to such great lengths to do so. Simon goes to meet his father’s bodyguard Donnie in the hopes of finding out where Arthur is, but instead Simon discovers Donnie dead in the trunk of a car. When Simon gets home, three strange men are waiting for him. One of them, Omar Sandhal, says Arthur owes him $50 million dollars but was willing to work with him when Arthur informed him of his illness. But now that Arthur has disappeared, Simon could be the one on the hook for his father’s debt.