...Through Struggle
S2 episode 5 Aired on November 13, 2015

When Neil arrives at work, he discovers the office crawling with SEC investigators. Victor says that someone who’s got a vendetta against them must’ve tipped off the SEC. But Neil knows exactly who is responsible for the “anonymous” tip. However, when he confronts Adriana, she refuses to call off the dogs so she and Neil begin to wage a dirty war. After Victor confesses to Neil that he has been cooking the books for years, proof of which the SEC will surely find, Neil threatens to bring Adriana down along with Bastion. She finally cries “uncle” and the two agree to a temporary peace treaty. 

Emma tells Simon that she and Arthur are going down to Argentina for an experimental cancer treatment. Simon thinks that he and Emma should put their relationship on the back burner while Simon tries to salvage his relationship with his father. But then Emma reveals she has missed her period and may be pregnant with Simon’s baby. Concerned about passing on the liver cancer gene to his unborn child, Simon goes to see the Waverly family doctor, who tells Simon that he doesn’t need to worry because Arthur is in perfect health. 

After tensions flare again between Neil and Grace, she decides to dip her toe back in the dating pool and has a terrible first date with a plastic surgeon who has less than honest intentions. So when she and Neil run into each other in the lobby of her hotel afterwards, the two fall into each other’s arms.