...Through New Beginnings
S2 episode 10 Aired on December 18, 2015

The deal with Barry, the former Bastion client, to invest in Neil and Grace’s new escort service is looking promising until Adriana sours him on it so she can put herself forward as their investor instead. But Neil and Grace do not want to get into bed, so to speak, with Adriana. Neil then approaches Kate, the blogger who wrote the exposé on him, about her introducing them to an angel investor whom she knows in exchange for their cooperation on being the subjects of a book she wants to write. But when Neil sees that there are too many strings attached, he backs away. Now that Simon is the CEO of Waverly Industries, could he be the partner they’ve been looking for? 

After testing out several potential sperm donors and finding none of them to her liking, Adriana realizes that she’s been looking in all the wrong places for the right man. At the casino night party, Adriana tricks Neil into going up to her suite under the pretense of looking for Grace. Now that she’s decided what, or rather whom, she wants, she’s not going to let anything to stand in her way.