...Through Release
S2 episode 1 Aired on October 16, 2015

Just as Neil and Grace are about to leave for Milan, the husband of Neil’s very first client, shows up at their house with a gun, threatening to kill him for ruining their marriage. Neil pushes him into the empty pool. The fall kills him. Neil then confesses everything to a shocked Grace. Out of desperation, he calls Adriana to handle the messy yet delicate situation, which winds up adding fuel to the fire when they both discover Adriana’s involvement in each other’s lives. 

Feeling betrayed by Neil, Grace leaves for Simon’s place. The next morning, a sexy young woman named Emma shows up looking for Simon while he’s at the Truman house packing up Grace’s belongings. Emma explains that she’s married to Simon’s father, a very powerful and wealthy man. But Simon’s lies about his family drive Grace out of his house too. With nowhere to go, she only has one person left to turn to: Adriana. But now that Grace knows what Adriana has been doing behind the scenes, she’s finally in a more powerful position to get what she needs and do what makes her happy. 

Feeling his newfound freedom now that all of his secrets are out in the open, Neil takes a trip to the March Lawn Festival to see Anika and cuts loose. He also surprises his daughter with the money from her college fund so she can pursue her dreams. Back at home with Grace now gone, Neil decides that he’s no longer going to lead a conventional life.