...Through Revelation
S1 episode 9 Aired on September 11, 2014

Already blindsided by the revelation that Neil knows about her and Simon, Grace is further knocked off balance when Simon shows up at the house and asks her to leave Neil for him.  But while she may not be ready to start a new life with her escort-turned-admirer, she feels like she can’t stay where she is. 

At the same time, Simon is unhappy to find Adriana waiting at his apartment, ready to terminate their working arrangement based on his display at her house.  But after discussing his feelings about Grace, Simon is surprised when Adriana gives him the ammo he needs to win the object of his affection.  Little does he realize that the cunning madam has her own stake in the matter. 

Back at the Truman house, Grace packs to leave, but her hasty flight is interrupted by the arrival of Neil, Anika, Mateo and Mateo’s parents.  It turns out that Anika and Mateo have something big to propose to their parents about their future, but the conversation soon has all three couples examining where they have been, and where they might be headed.