...Through Security
S1 episode 8 Aired on September 4, 2014

News that the angry husband of a date is out to get him has Neil wondering how he became the “other man” in someone else’s marriage, and how far he’s willing to go to keep the ones he loves safe. 

At the same time, Stephanie gushes about her feelings for Dylan and invites Grace and Neil on a double date, but it’s Grace’s connection to the soulful photographer that seems to deepen when she asks him to shoot her work at Adriana’s house. 

Elsewhere, Anika is ecstatic when she learns the song she and Mateo recorded has caught the interest of a major producer.  But when the slick music industry vet tries to get Mateo to ditch Anika it puts the young couple’s relationship on rocky ground. 

Meanwhile, when Simon learns that Adriana has been prying into Grace’s life it sparks an awakening inside the usually professional escort and leads to a revelation that could have big consequences for everyone.