...Through Terms and Conditions
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 28, 2014

A neighborhood-waking argument between Lawrence and Renee leads to a fight between Neil and Grace, and things only get worse when Neil has to back out of Anika’s first college visit in order to put in extra hours on his happiness app project.  However, Lawrence’s relationship woes and a horde of invading pool partiers threaten to hijack Neil’s work time, as does a former client trying to get in contact with Neil for a second date. 

At the same time, Grace reacquaints herself with her alma mater and runs into a cherished professor whose admiration for her old student opens the door to a big opportunity.  Elsewhere on campus, Anika tries to sort through Mateo’s mixed signals when he shows up in the middle of her college tour. 

Meanwhile, Simon’s notions of an ideal marriage are challenged when Adriana persuades him to pose as the husband of a female convict in need of a conjugal visit, and Neil’s jealousy is ignited when he finds Dylan’s photo of Grace.