...Through Exposure
S1 episode 6 Aired on August 21, 2014

Adriana hires Grace to redecorate her home, but Grace doesn’t quite know what to make of this mysterious, libertine woman living in a big house by herself. 

At the office, Caleb tries to zero in on Neil’s vision for the app they are developing, but the harder Neil tries to express himself, the less he seems to know what he wants. 

Later, Neil meets with Gail and Doug, a married couple who want to bring a third person into their relationship for a night.  Neil thinks the arrangement unconventional at first, but when he learns the particular details of their situation – Doug was crippled in a ski accident but still wants to give his wife everything she desires - he starts to admire their commitment to a true partnership.  But when Gail opens up to Neil later, the cracks in their marriage start to show. 

Elsewhere, Mateo pushes Anika to finish her song so he can record it, but the budding musician isn’t sure if she’s ready to open herself up.  And when Stephanie and Grace realize that Dylan has used an image from the blog article in his latest show, they track the photographer down at his studio, only to be invited to take part in his next shoot.  Little do they realize that the project will be a more revealing affair than they expected. 

Meanwhile, Grace is taken aback when Adriana shows up at the house, but the two are soon opening up about their lives over a bottle of wine.  But is it Grace that Adriana is interested in, or Neil?