...Through Partnership
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 14, 2014

Neil worries that sensitive information about his recent activities could leak when hackers take over the system at work, but it's Grace whose secrets are revealed, sending Neil to Simon’s door.

At the same time, Grace’s work earns praise from her client and an article on a hot design blog, but she doesn’t quite know what to make of the photographer who comes to shoot her for the story.

Grace isn’t the only one whose talents are being admired.  Anika is invited to an open mic after a local bar owner hears her singing on the street.  However, getting to the gig is easier said than done. 

Elsewhere, Simon gets a surprise visit from Adrianna, but while he doesn’t mind her appraising him in the bedroom, he bristles at her passing judgment on his client list.

Meanwhile, memories of the first dance at their wedding spur Neil to sign him and Grace up for dance lessons, but they find themselves out of step with one another.