...Through Self Discovery
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 7, 2014

Adriana shows up at the office with another indecent proposal, but Neil has bigger fish to fry: namely, the FBI.  His little stunt on the plane may have been cathartic, but the powers that be are taking it very seriously, and if Neil wants to avoid serious jail time he’s going to have to show the court a squeaky clean, remorseful face. 

Neil gets to work reinventing himself for the court, but he isn’t the only one doing image management.  Grace goes on a shopping spree for some new clothes to fit her new career, but difficulties at work may be distracting her from troubles with Anika.  Elsewhere, lean times cause Simon to consider restructuring his business, but his change could spell trouble on the horizon for Neil. 

Meanwhile, Neil tries to write an apology for his actions, but when the words don’t feel true to who he is, he decides to explore the other side of himself by accepting a date with one of Adriana’s clients.