...Through Competition
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 31, 2014

Neil angrily confronts Simon about the picture from Anika, but talk soon turns to Grace.  Realizing he can learn a thing or two from Simon, Neil decides to make a deal with his adversary: he’ll get the IRS to back off if Simon will tell him everything that Grace said about their marriage.  But as it turns out, making good on his end of the bargain will be easier said than done for Neil. 

Back at work, the wife of Neil’s big client shows up with some interesting news about the account discrepancy Neil found.  And when Adriana invites Neil to a masked party, Neil demurs.  But the appeal of exploring another side of himself soon proves too tempting to pass up. 

Elsewhere, Anika goes back to school, but when her newfound popularity brings new worries, she turns to her aunt for advice. 

Meanwhile, Grace’s good mood on her first day of work is quickly ruined when she meets Alex, a much younger project manager eager to assert her position.  Grace tries to roll with the punches, but when her attempt to find common ground with her new boss fails, she decides on a different approach….