...Through Admission
S1 episode 2 Aired on July 24, 2014

Neil thinks his dalliance with the escort world has given him the shot in the arm that he needs, but he’s quickly thrown off balance again when the Zen Master texts Grace from Simon’s phone in order to push Neil to embrace his new life by coming clean.  And when Adrianna’s meddling causes Neil to blow a big meeting with Charles, it seems that the new lies in Neil’s life may be causing more harm than good.

And Neil isn’t the only one wrestling with questions of honesty.  Anika chafes at having to write a disingenuous apology letter to Oak Roots Academy, causing Neil and Grace to contemplate the value of deception in their lives.

At the same time, Grace starts a new job with a design firm, but her excitement turns to anxiety when she runs into a creative block.  And elsewhere, Anika reconsiders her stance on school when she learns her bold talent show truth-telling has earned her the admiration of the other students.

Meanwhile, Simon deals with the inconvenience that Neil’s adventures in the escort world have caused him, and when his car is repossessed and his bank account is frozen, he decides to fight back.