...Through Resolution
S1 episode 10 Aired on September 18, 2014

As Grace discusses recent events with her therapist, she worries that it might be too late to save her relationship with Neil.  But while Grace says she is committed to making her marriage work, she isn’t ready to wipe away the part of her life that had the affair. 

At the same time, Neil must split his focus between the upcoming couples counseling session, the leaky pool and the impending investor meeting, all while Adriana entices him with a romantic getaway for two.  But an unexpected encounter at Adriana’s house gives Neil a new outlook, and throw’s a wrench in Adriana’s plans. 

Elsewhere, a chance run-in with Mateo’s ex has Anika reconsidering her plans for the future, while Simon takes what he hopes will be the first step towards starting a new life with Grace. 

Meanwhile, a talk with Stephanie leads Grace to look into what Neil has been doing with all of his spare time, and she makes a surprising discovery that will change not only her view of recent events, but also her outlook on the future…