Neil Truman
played by Matt Passmore

Successful career, loving family, beautiful house, big screen tv – Neil Truman seems to have it all.  So why does he feel like something is missing?  The truth is that 18 years of marriage and countless 80 hour weeks have left Neil feeling disconnected from everything and everyone he loves, and looking for a sign.  He finally seems to get one when, after a spectacular outburst on a plane leads him to quit his job, Neil stumbles across his wife Grace in the throes of passion with another man.  Furious, Neil confronts his wife’s lover, Simon, only to learn the more shocking truth: their meeting was a professional arrangement.  Grace is seeing a male escort. 

The news hits Neil like punch to the gut, but when he inadvertently winds up with Simon’s phone, he makes the decision try out the escort business for himself in the hope that the experience might offer some new insight. As it turns out, Neil’s good looks, skill closing deals, and apparent sexual prowess make him a natural.  He soon finds himself a hot property – both with a local madam, who is intrigued by this new stud on the scene, and his old boss, who is impressed by Neil’s newfound swagger.  But just because Neil’s life is getting a shot in the arm doesn’t mean that his old problems have disappeared.  As if the hole in his marriage and his daughter’s teenage growing pains aren’t enough, he also has to deal with Simon, who isn’t too pleased to have his business stolen out from under him, and isn’t afraid to make things a lot more difficult for Neil.