Grace Truman
played by Stephanie Szostak

Grace had big aspirations as a young woman, but after getting pregnant in college she passed up a Fulbright scholarship and a career in the arts to raise a family with Neil.  Not that Grace would tell you she regrets her decision – she deeply loves Neil and their daughter Anika – but as her old dreams have receded further and further into the rearview, she’s begun to feel as empty and unfulfilled as the open houses she now decorates part time.  So when a night chasing excitement leads to an encounter with Simon, a male escort, Grace begins to take advantage of his services.  Even if it doesn’t fill the void in her life, it’s something new and exciting.  But while the arrangement begins as a professional one, like any relationship it evolves over time.  And now that Neil knows Grace’s secret, things are about to become a lot more complicated.