Get Lucky
S1 episode 8 Aired on September 4, 2014

Rush scores a jackpot payday when the superstitious Mr. Zhang hires him to be a good luck charm at a Pai gow poker table. But when he receives a surprising call from Sarah, Rush clears out, leaving Zhang in the lurch. Sarah wants to meet for lunch. Maybe it’s his lucky day? While Rush and Alex try to determine Sarah’s motive, Rush gets a call for the rapper Boss Nova. Remembering the free and exhilarating world he glimpsed while standing in for his best friend on a recent call, Alex convinces Rush to let him tag along.  At Boss Nova’s house, the doctors treat the rapper’s wound and score an invite to party later that night.

Sarah arrives at Rush’s hotel and the two of them catch up. When a little girl has an emergency, they work as a team to treat her quickly. Meanwhile, Manny strikes up conversation with a reluctant Eve at the bar. She opens up about her recent stress, and Manny insists he has the perfect cure. To Eve’s surprise, it’s not THC-based.

Back at the hotel suite, Sarah and Rush rekindle their sexual spark. But she flips the script by leaving immediately after. At Boss Nova’s party, Rush and Alex witness the source of the rapper’s wounds. He warns Alex to keep his mouth shut. After a taste of the drama, Alex experiences a bit of Rush’s love life, hitting it off with the stunning Steffi. But when Boss Nova learns that his embarrassing secret has been revealed, he goes after the doctor duo.

After an unexpectedly fun day together, Eve and Manny have a cathartic conversation over dinner. Rush arrives at Sarah’s and takes a lucky guess as to the source of her recent odd behavior.