You Spin Me Round
S1 episode 6 Aired on August 21, 2014

Rush enters a BDSM dungeon to meet with Mistress Kang. But the visit isn’t for his own pleasure; some erotic electro stimulation has caused a client’s heart to stop. After treatment, Rush calls Alex to make plans. Alex turns down the offer; he has a medical conference in El Segundo to attend. Rush decides to join him.

The boys run into Sarah at registration for the conference. Later a man has a nasty accident, a dashing doctor comes to his aid before Rush can do anything. This is Dr. Griffin Wagner, Sarah’s new boyfriend. Eve informs Rush of a new patient staying at the hotel. Rush meets with Roger Keating, a senator suffering from a terminal disease. If the public learns of his illness, he won’t get reelected. Keating’s campaign manger wants Rush to medicate the senator into a façade of health, but Keating isn’t completely sold on this idea.

Meanwhile, at a dull session, Alex meets the sweet—and married—Dr. Ellen Murphy. The two hit it off and end up spending the day together. And J.P. calls Eve to ask if she has received his flowers. Distraught, she invites Lucas over. The two grow closer as she opens up about her past.

Though Sarah insists that Griffin is a nice man, Rush finds him boring. Maybe boring is exactly what she needs right now. Rush gets to know Griffin better over a few drinks. After admitting that he isn’t interesting like Rush, Griffin does something that gets both of them arrested. Alex is unsurprised when he gets a call to pick up Rush and Griffin from the police station. Safely back at the hotel, Rush watches the senator during a television debate to see if he’ll tell the truth.