Where Is My Mind?
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 14, 2014

Rush wakes from a horrifying nightmare about Corinne and Warren. Having just been reinstated at the hospital, Alex finds that Rush is struggling with anxiety and wants him to take the day off. Rush follows his friend’s advice and meets the gorgeous actress Jordana Rourke while lounging at the hotel pool. She invites him to a movie premiere. When Rush is jarred by a sudden vision of Corinne, he realizes he needs to keep himself busy.

Eve comes in on her day off and sends Rush to Yurt, a tech company looking for an in-house doc on retainer. Back at the hospital, a nurse impressed by Alex’s recent behavior asks him to obtain unapproved cancer medication for her sick brother. But Dr. Burke does not want to get into trouble again, and refuses. Upon seeing the nurse’s cancer-ridden brother at the hospital, Alex has a change of heart and makes a phone call.

Rush accepts the job at Yurt, but the young tech geniuses have no medical issues for him to deal with. While driving, Rush experiences more flashes of Corinne. He arrives at the home of Mrs. Atchison, an old woman suffering from an odd disorder. Hoping to relax, a stressed Rush visits Manny for some weed. Manny asks Rush to check out his father, who’s been having trouble walking.

Rush shows up at a bar where two cops were involved in a violent altercation. After treating a wounded officer, anxiety takes its toll on the doctor. He returns to Mrs. Atchison and finds himself making an honest admission. At the hotel bar, Rush meets with Corrine. They both agree what they did was a mistake that no one can ever know about it.