We Are Family
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 7, 2014

When a flock of wild animals prove too much for an unconventional couple with relationship woes, Rush calms the situation with a sedative and some counsel. Back at the hotel, Rush is troubled. Though the dinner with his father was a disaster, Warren still helped Alex. Later Rush receives a surprising call from his stepmother Corinne and reluctantly agrees to lunch, where they confess that neither of them ended up being what the other expected. Corinne wants to mend the rift between Rush and Warren for the sake of her daughter Lily.

Meanwhile, Isabel’s assistant Lucas pays a visit to Eve to pick up a prescription. Enamored, he asks her out. While at a club, they bond over their mutual rocky relationship history and go home together.

When Rush arrives at a motel for a new client, he finds a bounty hunter and a bullet-laden fugitive named Carter. After operating on Carter, Rush gets called to Alex’s place, where Laurel informs Rush that he is a bad influence and she doesn’t want him spending time with her husband anymore. Rush gets called back to the motel and encounters a scuffle. Awake now, Carter holds Rush up at gunpoint, urging him to treat the bounty hunter’s fresh wounds.

With discretion, Rush delivers the bounty hunter to the hospital. Carter forces Rush to drive him to their next destination- Carter’s parents’ house. With a family’s disappointment and a loss of blood taking their toll on Carter, Rush performs an emergency procedure. After witnessing a heartwarming moment between father and son, Rush shows up at his own father’s place. Warren is gone, but Corinne invites Rush in and reveals the truth about Alex’s job. Rush and Corrine share something more damaging than their mutual disdain for Warren Rush…