Learning To Fly
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 31, 2014

Surrounded by strippers, alcohol, and drugs, Rush feels at home as the designated doctor for a licentious bachelor party. Rush is about to pass out back at the hotel when Laurel arrives, livid and determined. She urges Rush to speak to his father about helping Alex. Rush promises to make the call. Rush hears from his old friend Max Zarella, an actor with a bad record. Max needs a doctor to sign him out of psychiatric hold so he can film the final scene of his movie. The onus is now on Rush to watch Max for the day and get him to the set in one piece by nightfall. 

Max tags along as Rush answers a call from the luxurious Tolkin House, a private members’ club dealing with a pink eye outbreak among its female masseuses. Rush deduces that the girls are suffering from another kind of infection. After diagnosing the Tolkin girls, Rush is surprised by a personal call. It’s his father, Dr. Warren Rush, returning his voicemail—and inviting him to dinner. 

At the Tolkin House to drop off the “pink eye” meds, Eve encounters JP, a horror from her past. Though JP tells her he is sober now and wants to make amends, Eve has no interest in a reconciliation. Meanwhile, a freshly stoned Will shows up at Warren’s house and meets his stepmother Corinne for the first time. Warren makes it clear that he doesn’t approve of Rush’s lifestyle, and refuses to help Alex. Though dinner was a failure, Rush manages to successfully deliver Max to the film set on time. All is finally going well— until Max has an episode. Exhausted, Rush returns to the hotel. This time Alex is waiting for him. Unlike Laurel, he has some good news.