Don't Ask Me Why
S1 episode 2 Aired on July 24, 2014

Sarah’s rejection sends Rush off on a bender. After a weekend of hard partying, both the doctor and his car break down. Eve finds him passed out on the side of the road the next morning. Rush brushes off her concern and tasks her with fixing his Mercedes.

A panicked Alex meets up with Rush—the blood bank is onto him. He urges Rush to call his dad for help, but Rush refuses, instead giving Alex a lead on obtaining fresh blood to be used as a replacement for the stolen batch.

Rush heads to an MMA gym to treat young boxer Troy Huntsman. Despite his questionable condition, Troy’s brother-cum-manager wants Rush to sign a medical release form stating that he is good to fight. Rush explains that a fight could be fatal, but after a brief negotiation, agrees to sign the waiver on one condition: Troy must throw the match.

Rush’s next patient is celebrity life coach Isabel Thoreau. While fixing her wound, Rush fends off Isabel’s attempts at getting him to open up. The doctor avoids facing his emotions, but he can’t avoid Billy Bloom, who drags him to Raoul’s house to get his painting back. Later, Rush watches the MMA fight and sees Troy hitting his hardest, ignoring their deal. Rush arrives to the event in time to perform an emergency operation on the bloody boxer.

Alex meets Rush and informs him that he’s been suspended from the hospital pending an investigation. Alex was caught trying to replace the blood. Rush finally agrees to call his dad and makes one last stop at Isabel’s for an intimate coaching session. After taking a hot shower, making a sexual conquest, and getting his car fixed, Rush is back to even.

Production Notes

• A “blood rig” made of copper was fabricated by the Special Effects Department and partially inserted into Jess Luken’s nose (the actor playing Troy) which squirted fake blood on cue to simulate a broken blood vessel.

• Jesse Luken who played the character Troy was not a real MMA fighter, however he was a baseball in his younger days. Jesse was so committed to the role that he shaved his head for the part.

• We brought back a couple of our favorite bad guys from the Pilot. Raoul and Billy Bloom go head to head in #101. It’s hard to tell who came out the winner.

• Victoria Smurfit who played Isabel is Irish but played her scenes with a British accent. Tom was concerned that it might affect his accent who is British but plays American, but he got through it perfectly.

• The Executive Producers had previously worked with Victoria Smurfit on “Missing” and enjoyed working with her so much that she was asked to join us on “RUSH”.

• The two bar scenes from episode #101 were shot during the episode #104 schedule because the bar set wasn’t yet complete.