S1 episode 1 Aired on July 17, 2014

It’s a typical night for the dashing Dr. William P. Rush as he charms a beautiful LA blonde with drinks and cocaine. Back to the hotel-cum-office where he lives, Rush meets with his trusted assistant, Eve. She sends him to the home of all-star baseball player Ted Cummings to treat a domestic violence injury. He takes a hefty cash payment to treat the girl’s wound with discretion. Sutures secured, Rush visits his drug dealer, Manny, to get his fill.

Freshly stoned, Rush runs into his ex, Sarah Peterson, and convinces her to have dinner with him. Later, Rush makes a house call for Billy Bloom, a Hollywood hot-shot producer. When Billy can’t pay, Rush agrees to treat him with the promise of a payment by end of day. Rush has a marvelous dinner with Sarah, convincing her he’s no longer the partier she couldn’t depend on. Just then, Rush receives an emergency call.

Rush leaves to find Manny in a remote warehouse. A gangster has been shot and is losing blood. Raoul, the gang leader, threatens Rush. He’ll need to fix the problem without a visit to the ER. Desperate, Rush calls his best friend, Dr. Alex Burke, for help.

The next day, Rush gets an urgent call from Eve who tells him to meet her at Ted Cumming’s house. Rush uses his skills to get the girl to safety. Ted thanks Rush, saying that he can always count on him. Realizing that the wrong people in his life can count on him while the ones he loves cannot, Rush loses it and punishes Ted in a fit of rage. At the hospital, Eve tells Rush that Billy Bloom never ended up paying, but Rush isn’t worried. He’ll have his new friend Raoul take care of Billy.

Production Notes

In the Pilot we are introduced to Dr. William Rush, played by British actor Tom Ellis. On set Tom is known for maintaining his American accent throughout the day between takes. When doing press for RUSH, Tom can be heard speaking in his native Welsh accent.

The Pilot was shot in Vancouver, Canada during the winter months. Due to the limited amount of daylight available, the crew worked “French Hours” most days, which are 10 hour days without a lunch break (hot snacks are provided) in exchange for a shorter day.

The Chateau Marmont was the inspiration for Rush’s hotel suite. The interior was build for the pilot. We have since added a bathroom and exterior patio. We went a little more modern on the interior, but the exterior railing is nearly identical to the Marmont’s. The thinking was that the Chateau is known for somewhat notorious events. We hope/fear RUSH will be the same.

The bar design was inspired by the Bowery Hotel Bar in New York.

Have you ever wondered what the substance is that the actors snort on camera when depicting cocaine use? It’s crushed lactose (or dextrose if lactose intolerant).