Q&A Episode 109 "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

Larenz Tate shares his thoughts on what’s next for his character and gives his advice to aspiring actors. 

Question: There are some pretty big changes happening in this episode for Alex. What is the greatest lesson that you think Dr. Alex has learned from his recent experiences? 

Larenz: It’s a life-changing episode for Alex.  I think he’s been reminded just how important his family is to him.  Alex chose the lifestyle he did for a reason, I think now he is going to try to get that life back and get back to who he was."

Q: Where do you think Alex and Rush’s relationship is going to go next season? What sort of Alex are we going to come back to? 

L: Alex and Rush will always be friends, they’ve been friends since day one, but Alex will have to assess their relationship and what he’s willing to sacrifice because of it.  I think we will find Alex trying to regain his wife’s trust, however Alex might find a way to take some more calls while staying true to his morals.

Q: What was your favorite scene of Rush Season one?

L: I still love that scene from the pilot where Alex finds Rush in the bathroom smoking at his son’s birthday party and decides to join him.  We improvised a lot of that scene which made it feel authentic. That was one of the first scenes we filmed and it set the tone for the energy of the series.  

Q: Do you have any advice for young actors or actresses just starting their careers? 

L: Be diligent about your craft, practice.  And learn the ins and outs of the business, if you know how the whole machine works you’ll better understand your role.

Q: What’s one fun fact fans might not know about you? 

L: I'm a vegetarian