Q&A Episode 108 "Dirty Work"

Get Larenz’s take on this week’s Rush episode

Question: Alex seems to be plagued quite a bit by his guilt in this episode. How is Alex handling his tricky situation compared to how you think Rush would handle it?
Larenz: He definitely is and rightfully so, Alex stepped outside of himself last week. I think he is trying to cover up what he did and push it aside as much as he can, but at the end of the day he has a conscience and it’s a rough time for him. I think Rush has a conscience too, and internally would feel the same way Alex does, but they go about righting their wrongs differently.

Q: Alex is having a tough time trying to maintain a happy marriage. Do you have any tips on marriage or fatherhood from your own experiences on how to juggle multiple demands?
L: My tip for a healthy marriage is being friends first, when you start there, you have a solid foundation. It’s definitely hard to juggle everything, but being present is the best thing you can do.

Q: We’ve seen that Alex is very complex character throughout the course of the season so far. Do you do anything special to prepare or get in character for the role of Dr. Alex?
L: Alex is very complex; it’s been fun to play this character. That’s what excited me most when I initially read the first script. I had never played a doctor before and on top of that Alex was this layered character. He’s a good guy, a family guy, someone who I think audiences can relate too. At the beginning of filming Tom and I sat down and we created a backstory for our characters—how they met, what their friendship was like in college, how Alex met Laurel and how Tom met Sarah. We created a past for each of our characters so that we could better understand their present.

More About Larenz:

Q: Have you ever had the opportunity to be on the other side of production (directing, writing, producing, etc)? What did you learn from that?
L: I have had the pleasure of directing and producing work—it’s a great experience. I look forward to doing more.

Q: Outside of performing, what are your hobbies?
L: Outside of performing, I enjoy boxing & training a martial art called 52 Blocks.

Q: If you weren’t an actor, what profession do you think you would choose?
L: I’d probably be a director.