Get the scoop from Larenz Tate on the dramatic new episode of Rush and what tunes help him cool down after a big day on set.

Question: What sort of struggles do you think Alex is going through regarding balancing his wife and family with his friendship with Rush?

Larenz: It’s hard when you have friends who you were once close to at one point but who are now in different life stages than you are. Alex and Rush have a completely different lifestyle, and though I think Alex enjoys Rush’s fast paced life, he’ll have a difficult time maintaining it. Alex feels a loyalty to his best friend and his wife—he’s a family guy— and in his eyes they are both his family.

Q: In an episode with a lot of drama, what as a cast do you do to lighten the mood on set?

L: We might play some music in between takes to lighten the mood, but sometimes we let the soberness of the scene ride in between takes. Some of the best scenes are a result of being able to stay in the moment during turnarounds.

Q: Alex seems to love hip-hop, but what kind of music do you prefer to listen to when you’re unwinding?

L: Alex loves a little bit of everything—from Jazz to pop to old school R&B. I listen to Reggae to Classical and everything in between.

Q: Alex is a big fan of Rush’s client in this episode. What celebrity would you be the most star struck with if you met them in person?

L: Sydney Poitier who I've had the honor of meeting on two separate occasions. Each time I was awestricken.