Q&A Episode 106 "Because I Got High"

Larenz Tate gives fans an inside look to this week's Rush episode. And find out what freaks him out, what he’s humming, and if Dr. Alex is starting to take an interest in the Rush lifestyle.

Question: Alex is getting tapped as the household handyman quite a bit in this episode. How are you around the house on a scale of Mr. Fix It to Mr. Forget About It?

Larenz: I would like to think I am a Mr. Fix it, but I know when it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional ;-)

Q: Alex opens up to Molly about the things that freak him out. Is there anything out of the ordinary that freaks you out?

L: I'm gonna have to agree with my character Alex re: the milk thing. I don't drink milk or shakes after other people. That milk backwash just ain't cool. 

Q: If you had to sing the first song that popped into your head to calm someone down right now, what would it be?

L: Probably “itsy bitsy spider” like Alex, I have little ones at home too! Or “Happy” by Pharrell, everyone loves that song.

Q: Last week you teased that Alex finally gets a taste of Rush’s lifestyle by taking one of his calls. Now that Alex has experienced that, do you think he’s going to be back for more?

L: I definitely think Alex will be back for more, he got a taste and he likes it.  That cash up front and the thrill was exciting for him.  I think he’ll see how far he can go.


Fan Questions

Rochelle Holland: Larenz.....Will doctor Alex kick the hospital gig and work with Dr. Rush?

Larenz: You’ll have to wait and see, Rochelle! Alex has gotten a taste of Rush’s lifestyle, and he likes the excitement and the cash upfront ;-)  

Tammy Glaspie-Smith: Love the show...What is your secret? You have not aged.

Larenz: I have vampires blood running through my veins, I come from a long history of vampires who don’t age. Haha, in all seriousness, I eat a healthy vegetarian diet and surround myself with family and good people.

Beverly Garrett: The chemistry between all the characters is really good. What's it like on set?

Larenz: It is such a fun energy on set, we like to have fun.  We are really fortune to have a great cast and crew, it makes going to work enjoyable.  ‎