Larenz's Personal Recap of Ep 107 "Get Lucky"

Watch Larenz Tate's view on what went down in the episode "Get Lucky."

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Should married or attached men and women go out with their single friends or only hang out with other couples?

Christopher Coley
No not all I think they should Go out with their Husbands ever were they go cause if they are Married they should go out with the Wife 
It depends on where they're going or what the activity is.  Alex went into the world of Rush already knowing the risks.  He played with temptation and lost.
I think couples limited themselves when they limit their friendships/relationships to couples only friendships and socializing. They should know and respect their relationships w/o having to limit their friendships.
They should pray on it to make sure they are in control of their flesh before making a decision, and make sure their are not TRUST issues.Also to make sure both are on the same page with it.