Larenz's Insider Info on Rush 105 "You Spin Me Round" Dr. Alex and Rush go to a medical convention in this episode, can you tell us about some of the shenanigans they get up to?
LT: Anytime that Alex hangs out with Rush something is bound to happen and go wrong--by Alex’s standards. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say Alex gets a taste of Rush’s carefree life.  What happens at the boys-retreat stays at the retreat, or at least that’s what Alex hopes. They also decide to go for some quality bro time, have you and the cast gone to any fun places off set while shooting to bond?
LT: We are really fortunate to have a cast of amazing talent and good people.  We hang out a lot when we aren’t shooting, but we don’t get into the same shenanigans, we are a lot more low key.

Here's a photo of Tom [Ellis], Rick [Gonzales], and I chilling on our off day. What can’t you live without while shooting? (ie snacks, iPod, etc)
LT: Vegan Protein shake! Chocolate-PeanutButter-Banana with Almond milk!!!  Keeps me going through the day!

Check out this clip of how the cast of RUSH try to have fun on set between scenes.


Watch how Larenz transforms into his character, Dr. Alex Burke.


Larenz on the set of RUSH discussing what's in store for upcoming episodes.

    I love the playfulness and humor on the show.  That's what makes life fun and what also appeals to the viewer.   There is a spirit about this show like no other.  Great work!  God Bless:)