Season 5 Episode 12
Running Style

We’ve been building up to Election Day all season, so it was really exciting to put together what our candidates would wear for this momentous occasion! Even though the seat is for village councilman, all parties involved take the challenge to heart as if it’s presidential, and put on their patriotic best.

As the potential first couple of South Hampton, Evan and Paige call upon another famous political couple – JFK and Jackie O. I put Evan in a pale chino suit, and light blue checked shirt, then pumped up the patriotism with a red, white and blue plaid tie and matching pocket square. Standing by his side on the campaign trail, Paige wore an outfit inspired by Jackie O, entirely from Dior. The white boucle dress has a feminine flounce above the knee keeping her young and fresh, and the white laser cut bolero adds a hint of conservatism. I played into the red/white/blue trope with a pair of vibrant red Charlotte Olympia shoes, and a multi-strand pearl necklace with an oversized blue floral pendant. Armed with a black ombred Lady Dior purse, Paige looks iconic, but still current and stylish.

Evan’s nemesis Blythe also dresses to the nines for her last day of political scheming. To contrast Evan and Paige’s light and friendly palette, I put her in a dark navy A-line dress by Carolina Herrera. The dress’s bodice has red and white horizontal stripes subtly laying under a navy organza overlay. I added a navy polka dot hat by Samuels Hats to elevate her look even more; the hat has an intimidation element to it that we all loved for her going head to head with Evan.

Season 5 Episode 11
The life of the (after) party

Introducing a character with as much charisma and self-possession as Lacy (Jenna Elfman), meant making some bold and lasting fashion choices. Because of her desire to radiate positive, glowing energy to her clients, I felt her wardrobe should immediately bring a smile to our faces. I wanted it to have a quirky and feminine edge to it, in warm and sunny colors. I introduced her in a strapless, striped, rose-colored party dress by Lanvin that feels fun and whose flounce skirts gives it an added party kick.

After her stumble into the pool, Lacy changes into another look with a graphic flare. Her Trina Turk blouse has a multi-colored tribal motif, and her wide leg silk Fendi trousers are peach in the front, with cream panels on the backsides of the legs. Both looks have a heightened resort wear feeling. If you’re looking to fashion to perk things up, vibrant colors and patterns in surprising silhouettes will put a smile on your face!

Season 5 Episode 10
Alta Moda

From the moment I read the script for “Game of Phones,” I couldn’t imagine Divya in Italy in anything other than high Italian style. For her trip to the countryside, I chose a Dolce and Gabbana striped organza sundress with a fitted bodice and full pleated skirt. The colors in the dress – brown, yellow and blue – pop against the lush green landscape of Tuscany, and the overall effect is a highly sophisticated reimagining of a provincial Italian sundress. I paired the look with Prada’s baroque sunglasses and an oversized Ferragamo handbag, and tied it together with vibrant yellow ballet flats that tied at the ankles. As we filmed throughout Tuscany, the beauty of this outfit on Reshma continued to strike me. There was no location in which she did not look natural, comfortable, and stunning. It’s no secret that this has been one of my favorite looks on Divya in 5 seasons of dressing her!.

For her other look at Marcello’s villa, in which she and Rubina stroll in the gardens, I opted for an orange maxi dress by Milly with an abstract white graphic. One of the reasons Divya makes the trip to Italy is to share news of her pregnancy with her mother. From this moment on we will see a bump on Divya start to grow, so I wanted this episode to feel transitional. Both dresses she wears in Italy are flowy and not fitted around the belly. Divya’s news is not obvious to her mother until she announces that she is pregnant. Now she’s started to grow out of her signature uber-fitted wardrobe and make adjustments.

Evan’s wardrobe in Italy had to be similarly picturesque – to get him out of his campaign palette of reds whites and blues, I chose a tan plaid linen Gant suit, light peach shirt, and tan and orange saddle shoes by Cole Haan, topped with a fedora by Stitch.

Costuming Divya’s mother, Rubina, for her Tuscan scenes was also incredibly fun. We’ve always seen Rubina as pulled together and chic, but a little conservative in her silhouette. Now that she’s left Divya’s father and taken an Italian lover, I really wanted to flip her wardrobe and put her in pieces she would have shied from in previous seasons. The dress she is wearing when she and Divya reunite is a floral printed silk shift with a rope tie belt by Chloe. I paired this with Nina Ricci satin and lucite mules. There’s a sensuality and ease to this look that she’s never possessed. When we see her in the gardens with Divya the next day, I put her in a canary yellow tunic with exaggerated slits in the sleeves by Zara with a long pendant, and a cheetah print pant by Giambattista Valli. The bold colored top and the animal print pants compliment her newfound confidence, and pays tribute to the costumes of Italian cinema of the 1960s.

Season 5 Episode 9
Party Lines

We’ve thrown a lot of unforgettable, fashionable and upscale parties on “Royal Pains” but never one with such a vibrant and constant hue as this episode’s Red Hat Party. A garden full of women in oversized red brims is already visually arresting, but we wanted to create our own twist on the red hat theme. This season, florals have been a fashion favorite. To take this garden party to the next level, I opted for an overall botanical theme on most of our female guests. Blythe’s Giambattista Valli sheath is a combo of floral and leaf motifs. Edwina, Evan’s opponent, wears a dress by Akris with a print of vibrant yellow reeds. Ally is there as a reporter, not as a guest (though it is mentioned she has been a member for years). In order to marry her to the other women visually, helping to increase Evan’s anxiety that he’s an outsider to their trio, I put her in a combo of Blythe and Edwina’s colors and patterns. She pairs a green and white striped blouse (Banana Republic) with a muted jacquard yellow and green floral pencil skirt (Elie Tahari).

Floral prints are classic, but they have a fresh and modern appeal this season. Instead of trying out this trend with a piece that has an overall floral print that reminds you of a 50s lawn dress, opt for a dress or piece with an abstract print like Edwina’s roving reeds, or mixed floral graphics like Blythe’s combo dress. If you’ve always shied from florals this will keep you out of the danger of looking too precious. The red hat may be too much drama for most of us, but the right flower can go a long way.

With so many women in botanical prints and custom oversized headwear, Evan’s dark blazer and red fedora really pop to make his trespassing very obvious. And to keep her presence at the party clearly one as a professional and not a guest, I put Divya in a fuschia Narciso Rodriguez dress that would be unlike what any party guest was wearing.

Season 5 Episode 8
Hammertime Hues

The fun challenge of this episode was to make the world of the auction, and everything that was happening at Shadow Pond, feel opposite in tone from what was happening in our normal blue sky Hamptons. To play into the noir element of the script, I created a desaturated palette on everyone we saw at the auction, with the exception of Boris, who I wanted to put in a bolder color for his eventual confrontation with Milos.

In the other world of this episode, Divya is treating an amorous elderly couple, full of life and color. I put her in an apricot sheath by Roland Mouret with an exaggerated apricot and royal blue wooden necklace that matched the color of her dress. Finding an accessory that perfectly matches the color of an eye popping piece helps to create balance and symmetry.

Russel Berger’s wardrobe is nearly entirely monochromatic – blacks, midnights and charcoals fill his closet. Paige has started to become his protégé at this point, so in her scenes with Russel we’ve begun to take her out of her vibrant, playful colors and make her palette more muted and simpatico with his. In the day before the auction, I put her in a color-blocked Temperley dress in ivory and pink, tied together with a delicate black bow. For the day of the auction, which she ultimately takes over, I chose a white Valentino couture dress with an abstract beaded bib front. Both of these dresses are lady-like, delicate and have a sweetness to them that look sensational on Paige. They both feel sophisticated and elevated for her white-gloved internship, and also help her to look fragile and vulnerable next to Milos.

Season 5 Episode 7
Fashion with a sweet tooth

One of the biggest and boldest trends this summer is mixing prints, also called power clashing. When I read this script and met Greer, played by the adorable Collette Wolfe, I knew we had a character who would be drawn to mixed graphics and prints, and make adventurous, colorful fashion choices. There are no hard and fast rules to mixing prints, and taking risks can really pay off!

Greer’s independent spirit always shines through her wardrobe choices. When we meet her she is wearing a green sundress with an oversized rose bramble motif (by Girls from Savoy), which I mis-matched with a multi-colored polka dot apron that we created. Keeping the scale of your prints different from one another is a great way to make the mix look intentional and chic. For Greer I layered the look with chunky, playful colored beads and accessories.

In another look in the episode, I matched a white blouse with a tropical bird print (H&M) with orange and grey capris with a hexagon graphic (Gap). Again, the 2 pieces (worn with the same polka dot apron) have different sized prints, but both are crisp in color and silhouette, so the patterns come together in a clean and fresh way.

Our last look on Greer is a vibrant orange gingham silk dress (by Kate Spade), paired with a heavy, dark teal stone necklace. If you love dressing and living in color, but aren’t keen on power clashing, having a few geometric prints in your closet can have the same overall effect. Throwing in an ornate belt or jewelry will add a playful sophistication. For the more daring, remember that mixing prints is a cost-free way to completely revamp your wardrobe. Surprise yourself with combinations you’ve never tried before, and you’ll feel like you have a closet full of new outfits!

Season 5 Episode 6
Red Carpet Ready

In the Hamptons it’s not unusual to catch a glimpse of a celebrity being chased by a gaggle of paparazzi. And, while we don’t all have red carpet lifestyles like Perrey Reeves’ character in this episode, Skinny Minnie, we all know that dressing for a look that will be highly photographed can be stressful! Be it a wedding, reunion, work event, or special occasion, you want to look and feel amazing when the camera (or camera phone) is pointed at you.

Minnie’s brand is married to Minnie’s image, so I approached her character as one who would expect to be photographed and catalogued in whatever she was wearing at all times, be it a trip to the grocery store, or at her own event. We meet her in a white, uber fitted Herve Leger dress, which shows off her famously thin frame. Like Minnie, find a dress that you look and feel great in. What I love about this dress is that it’s minimalist, but at the same time incredibly detailed. The edges are scalloped and there’s a really beautiful geometry to the dress, but its overall simplicity and minimalism make it chic and wearable. Plus, it’s a stretch fabric, giving it the added bonus of looking great all day, with no danger of wrinkling or sagging. Perfect for a photo op at the 11th hour.

For an evening look in which you will steal the red carpet (or turn heads at a party), go for a bold color and a playful shape. For her cocktail party, I put Minnie in a shock pink maxi dress by Juan Carlos Obando. The color was enough to make her pop no matter where in the room, or on the red carpet, she was. And the asymmetry of the dress, as well as it’s daring plunging back, make it interesting and transformed from every angle. Opt for unexpected geometry or asymmetry if you want to steal the show and take center stage in a photograph. Your look can transform from angle to angle!

Season 5 Episode 5
Lawn Ornaments

This episode is filled with symphonic music and classical art, which leant to a softening of color and silhouette in the wardrobe selections. At Santi’s symphony in the park, I wanted everyone to look fresh, dewy and easy against the natural environment.

Paige’s blush Reiss dress and woven gold headband pay subtle homage to another art form --the ballet -- and have a sweet, romantic beauty to them. The stretchy, smocked bodice and subtly flared skirt add to its feminine, ethereal quality. Paired with an intricate beaded necklace, Paige looks sophisticated but understated. A Grecian inspired dress is a timeless, sweet piece that is always a go-to for an outdoor upscale event, be it the symphony, or a summer wedding!

Paige taps into another modern, romantic trend later in the episode in her ladylike icy blue lace dress (by Ted Baker) that she wears while handling Blythe’s Chagall. Lace has made a huge comeback in fashion this summer, and while Paige keeps her look sweet, you can update a lace dress with a leather blazer or patent pump to give it a modern edge.

Divya’s look at the symphony is a Moroccan styled maxi-dress with Indian earrings and a beaded cuff -- an overall earth goddess inspired look. We so rarely see Divya out of a work environment, and her love of music is an important element to the episode, so I wanted her to have a gliding and airy look for the concert. Moroccan prints are having a huge moment this season, and maxi dresses are in-demand. A maxi dress looks good on every silhouette, and is easy to dress up or down, making it a necessary staple that can take you from the beach to a summer party.

Blythe Ballard’s dress for the symphony is a gold brocade sheath with a beaded and crystal embellished yoke. The dress’s ornate detail and shimmer evoke soft sunlight – perfect for a symphony (or party!) at dusk. So much of this episode centers around Blythe’s love of art, and I wanted to show a softer side of her than what we’ve previously seen in her antagonisms with Evan.

Season 5 Episode 4
Working Women

In episode 4 we see three strong and very different working women, each who dresses professionally while looking fashionable. Here are some ideas to bring to the office on a hot summer day.

Divya’s work look is cosmopolitan, modern and polished. She wears bold, tropical colors in fitted dresses, and always plays with eye-popping statement jewelry. Investing in a few pieces of imaginative jewelry can transform any outfit! Because Divya’s job requires her to interface with a very moneyed clientele, her professional wardrobe is heightened and chic.

Paige’s new job as an intern to a renowned art specialist really plays into her creative wardrobe choices. Her style is flowery, airy, playful and ultra-feminine, and she’s found a job that rewards fashions that compliment your traits. Fit and flare dresses mixed with whimsical pieces like jeweled headbands and patent leather belts give her a glamorous edge, perfect for working in a field filled with beautiful art. If your job is in a creative field, let your personality shine through your wardrobe, and make unconventional, inspired fashion choices!

Shelby Shackleford’s job may not be in the field like Divya’s, or as glamorous as Paige’s, but as the face of Symphony Health Systems she has to win bureaucracies, administrations, and individuals over daily. Her style is understated, classic and minimalist. She wears breathable fabrics in cool colors, always pulling off a professional yet feminine look. If your office environment is traditionally corporate, a smart dress or simply matched separates can be offset with tasteful accessories to help you feel chic and pulled together, and taken seriously

Season 5 Episode 3
Dressing the Man

Like Hank, we got to travel from the Hamptons to Budapest in this episode, and with quite a dashing group of well-dressed men. Men’s fashion is just as big a part of the Royal Pains aesthetic as the women’s, so I was thrilled to be filming in a city with as much Old World charm and beauty as Budapest. What better backdrop against which to see Boris’ sophisticated family blood line and their elegant suiting!?

Boris has always been a style aficionado; he sports classic European suits and sportswear with panache. He wears traditional Italian cuts (mostly Zegna and Canali) and pushes color in his paisley ties and silk pocket square choices. Because he is the literal Royalty on Royal Pains, I play with deep, vibrant color accents – purples, fuchsias and royal blues. Tailoring is the key to pulling off Boris’ manicured and impeccable style, and a distinctive tie and pocket square creates a lasting impression fit for an aristocrat.

Dmitry has a very different style from Boris. As a mysterious international character who has a sense of danger to him, I’ve always gravitated towards dark, steely colors. His suits are modern in cut – we use brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein. To achieve this sober look, stick to a monochromatic, dark palette with minimal pattern.

Meeting Boris’ cousin Milos allowed us to move into a new, dapper direction in menswear. Milos has a swagger and confidence, and is drawn to the current high fashion trends of double breasted suits, cut away collars, and contrasting patterns. He has a complex, multi-textural and rich taste in suiting, found in brands like Etro, Paul Smith, Tom Ford and Dries Van Noten.

Of course, most of our attention in menswear is usually on Hank and Evan, and the brothers Lawson could not be more sartorially different from the Kuester Ratenicz clan. Hank’s easy, approachable style isn’t corporate or stifling like a doctor’s might be in a more traditional setting. He is always comfortable and understated while still being stylish and pulled together. Evan, on the other hand, is our male fashion plate. He loves the shiny and the new, and often experiments with color trends and fashion-forward silhouettes. His fresh and fun look is outgoing, bold, and constantly pushes the fashion envelope.

Season 5 Episode 2
Meeting the Neighbors

In this episode we see Evan and Paige plan a HankMed open house party. Here are some ingredients for dressing the part of the perfect hosts, after all of the other details have been put in place.

Evan and Paige hand deliver invitations to their neighbors, meaning they are already in party-mode as they shuttle door-to-door. I wanted them to feel approachable and sweet for any neighborly interactions they’re bound to have. I put Evan in muted yellows and greens, pulled together with a vibrant orange tie. The look has a classic preppy Hamptons ease. For Paige I really loved this mixed graphic dress by Moschino. It has a basket weave skirt, beaded belt, and polka dot bodice – such a great visual, and such a joyful and inviting palette! Mixing graphics is a huge trend this summer – do not be afraid of print on print on print!

For a casual mixer or house party in the Hamptons, don’t overdress! You should look impeccable, and at ease in your own home. Paige opts for a stunning eyelet dress by Cushnie et Ochs. It has a beautiful razor-back that gives it some edge, but the flirty full skirt and overall silhouette are reminiscent of a shape from the 50s – perfect for the hostess! Evan’s outfit is more inspired by the 20s, which is having a huge moment in fashion right now. He wears a soft lavender sportcoat, and a Gatsby influenced rounded-collar shirt with a tie bar (both by Reiss). As a couple, and as party hosts, they look accessible and breezy, and like Hamptons insiders! If you’re throwing an intimate relaxed party this summer, this low-key style is a must!

Season 5 Episode 1
Hankwatch with color

What better way to welcome summer than with color? The fashions of this episode are a love story to the vibrant hues and vivid neons that are on trend this summer, and that are a must-wear in the Hamptons. Divya’s hot pink Rachel Roy sheath dress is made bolder by a vibrant asymmetrical turquoise and gold necklace, and oversized earrings. Paige wears a flirty color blocked Shoshanna dress, with layered, embellished necklaces that make the dress more vibrant. Both girls showcase the color trend in silhouettes they can work in and run around town in with a wow factor. Pairing colorful, statement jewelry with bold colors is a fun way to transform an outfit and push the color trend this summer.

For the fashion show party, I really wanted Divya and Paige to pop against the runway behind them, which had a lot of watercolor prints and pastels on it. I opted for a fluorescent orange pleated mini dress by Stella McCartney for Paige, and again played with the color block trend in her Dior orange and yellow platform sandals. Divya wears a body-hugging asymmetrical white dress by Carlos Miele – white hot fashion is always a yes in the Hamptons. For a fashion-driven party, uber fitted and thigh grazing silhouettes are a fun change of pace!