S8 episode 8 Aired on July 6, 2016

Hank and Evan snoop for clues about Boris’ disappearance until Boris makes a surprising reappearance in the Hamptons.  He’s returned to wrap up his affairs at Shadow Pond, and has an interesting offer for Hank.  Meanwhile, Divya receives news about her application to Johns Hopkins.  And Evan and Paige grapple with a big decision.  

Hank also treats Libby, who’s busy protesting the closure of a public beach access by a rich Hamptonite.  Libby’s certain the jaw pain she’s experiencing is from all her chanting during the protest.  But when Libby takes a turn for the worse, Hank realizes she caught more than just the protesting bug.  

Evan attends a custody deposition for Lena and her brothers, however it doesn’t go according to plan and Lena and her brothers face a big change.  But as Evan and Paige prepare to welcome a new baby into their home, Evan convinces Paige that they may be able to help Lena and her brothers, too. 

As Boris prepares to leave the Hamptons for good, Hank notices he’s suffering from joint pain.  Fearing a return of Boris’ disease, Hank performs a medical work-up.  But when it yields a surprising result, Hank has an idea of Boris’ plans for the future, as well as a surprising insight into why people have been after his DNA.   

Meanwhile, Divya plans for her move to Baltimore, and Jeremiah navigates the beginning of a relationship with C.G.  As everyone begins to move on with the next chapter of their lives, Hank struggles to figure out what’s next for him.  But after plenty of soul-searching – and despite many new opportunities nearby – Hank decides to make a change as big as the one that brought him to the Hamptons in the first place…