The Good News Is...
S8 episode 7 Aired on June 29, 2016

It’s HankMed: The Musical as the gang prepares for Eddie and Ms. Newberg’s long-awaited wedding.  Hank fights to keep his plus one to the big event despite not having a date.  Meanwhile, Evan is still upset with Eddie following his disappearance.  And Paige and Evan anxiously wait to see if they’re pregnant following their IVF treatments.  

Hank also treats Annette Bellamy, a famous stage and movie star and Newberg’s maid of honor.  Annette’s just arrived in the Hamptons from her latest production in London, and assumes her symptoms are due to jet lag.  But when Hank learns Annette’s seeing showy song and dance numbers, he realizes it’s something much more serious.    

Meanwhile, Paige secretly does a pregnancy test after Evan suggests she sneak a peak at their IVF results.  And Evan keeps his distance from Eddie, despite Eddie’s attempts to rekindle their relationship.  But after Paige has a heart-to-heart with Eddie, Evan realizes he can forgive his father. 

Jeremiah helps teach Hank a dance for the wedding, and they also run into C.G., the novelist.  C.G. claims she’s doing research for a new character in her latest novel, but Hank can tell there are sparks between her and Jeremiah.  Jeremiah remains quiet on their relationship, but Hank finds a way to bring them closer.  

Eddie and Ms. Newberg’s wedding is a spectacular and beautiful affair.   Hank has a surprising revelation after talking to Annette.   And after Boris fails to attend the wedding, an unexpected visitor shows up at the guesthouse with an even more unexpected story.