Home Sick
S8 episode 6 Aired on June 22, 2016

After completing the IVF treatments, Evan and Paige are ready to proceed with the egg retrieval and ICSI at their fertility clinic.  Meanwhile, Hank uses a PI to track Eddie to a health care facility in New Jersey.  And Divya reveals to Jeremiah that his virosome may be undergoing clinical trials in Eastern Europe, unsanctioned by him.  

Hank follows up at the health care facility, and then finds Eddie in a surprisingly familiar location.  Eddie’s afraid he may be dying, but Hank realizes he’s suffering from a common complication following surgery and takes him back to the Hamptons to care for him.  

Meanwhile, Jeremiah confronts Boris at a Hamptons Heritage board meeting about the clinical trial in Eastern Europe.  Jeremiah thinks Boris is recklessly pushing the research forward for widespread drug application and financial gain, but Boris reveals that there are certain business considerations Jeremiah is unaware of.  

Hank also treats Felicity, a homeowner selling her charming home in the Hamptons.  Hank’s interested in purchasing it, but when Felicity’s rheumatoid arthritis starts acting up, Hank can’t help but make her his patient. As Felicity’s symptoms worsen, Hank begins to suspect she was given a wrong diagnosis by her previous doctor.  With an assist from Divya, Hank makes the correct diagnosis.  

Hank tries to reconcile Eddie and Evan, but Evan feels betrayed by his father yet again.  Evan makes it clear that trying to start his own family has made him reevaluate his relationship with his father – and that he has no time for Eddie if he keeps betraying Evan’s trust.  And Hank begins to suspect that Boris may be leaving Shadow Pond.