Saab Story
S8 episode 5 Aired on June 15, 2016

Hank tries to convince Divya to attend Stony Brook’s medical school while she remains waitlisted at Johns Hopkins.  Hank’s former mentor, Dr. Joseph Whitcomb, is their head of Emergency Medicine and Hank’s certain that he’d love to meet with Divya.  Meanwhile, Paige begins her IVF injections, but they leave her feeling very hormonal.  And Jeremiah creates a special video for Divya’s baby shower.  

Hank also treats Ken “Killer” Keller, who shows up at the Guesthouse extremely upset about a younger colleague stealing his thunder.  Keller assumes his symptoms are a result of his frustration, but Hank fears Keller could be having a heart attack.  And when Hank discovers that Keller has cardiac disease, Keller admits his lifestyle choices may have brought it on.  

Paige tries to balance feeling hormonal from her IVF injections and her latest client with Russel Berger.  But when Russel points out that Paige isn’t on top of her game, she takes a step back from the job.  Meanwhile, Evan tries to support Paige, but ends up making things worse and has to find a way to apologize.  

Divya meets with Dr. Whitcomb, but is surprised by how brusque he is with her.  When Hank confronts his old mentor about their meeting, he learns Dr. Whitcomb doesn’t feel as warm towards him as Hank thought he did.  But Hank quickly realizes Dr. Whitcomb may have an undiagnosed medical condition.  

Meanwhile, HankMed holds a baby shower for Divya and Raj.  And Hank realizes it’s time to finally settle down in the Hamptons.