Doubt of Africa
S8 episode 4 Aired on June 8, 2016

When Evan faces a staffing shortage at Hamptons Heritage, Hank offers to cover a shift in the emergency room, much to Evan’s surprise.  Meanwhile, Jeremiah’s research at the Rare and Orphan Disease lab yields some astounding discoveries.  Divya hopes Jeremiah can help her treat a reclusive patient.  And Jill Casey makes a surprising return to the Hamptons.  

Hank initially has trouble readjusting to the breakneck pace of the ER.  And when Evan reprimands him for spending too much time with each patient, Hank realizes working under Evan at Hamptons Heritage is different than working with him at HankMed.    

Hank’s also pleasantly surprised when Jill – in town for a fundraiser – walks into the ER with a colleague from Africa, Dr. Hans DeGroot.  Hans has a fever and sore throat, and fears he could be coming down with strep.  Hank prescribes some antibiotics, but when Evan hears about Hans’ symptoms, he activates Hamptons Heritage’s quarantine protocols over Hank’s objections.  

Meanwhile, Divya and Jeremiah treat Cindy Green, a reserved writer working on her latest book.  But when Jeremiah realizes C.G. is the author behind his favorite series, The Chronicles of Zall, he geeks out.  And when C.G.’s symptoms take a turn for the worse, Jeremiah’s there to save the day – and her latest installment.  

Hank and Evan’s arguments over Hans’ care and the quarantine come to a head.  Divya helps diagnose a HankMed patient who comes into the ER.  Jeremiah realizes he and C.G. have more in common than he thought.  And Hank says goodbye to Jill.  Again.