Palpating the Orbital Rim
S8 episode 2 Aired on May 25, 2016

Evan attempts to handle the fallout from the hospital hack, but is sidelined by Boris, who returns to take charge of the situation. Meanwhile, Divya invites Jeremiah’s parents to stay in the Hamptons for HankMed’s anniversary barbeque, much to Jeremiah’s consternation. And Hank plans a date with Jen after her son leaves town for the week.

Hank also treats Rachel, a stuntwoman filming a horror movie in the Hamptons with her brother. Rachel’s used to the bumps and bruises she gets performing dangerous stunts, but Hank’s concerned her latest fall may be due to something more serious. And with a big upcoming stunt, and a curse supposedly surrounding the project, Hank worries she may be putting herself in more danger than she should.  

Evan approaches Boris to apologize about the hack, but is surprised when Boris threatens to fire him. And when Diana Underhill’s personal medical data is leaked to the press, Evan fears the hack may have more wide-ranging implications than he originally thought.  

Meanwhile, Divya tries to reconcile Jeremiah and his parents, who have a slightly estranged relationship. Jeremiah seems unwilling to open up to his parents. But when their dog, Rosie, goes into medical distress, Jeremiah’s there to save the day.

Hank’s date with Jen doesn’t go exactly as planned. And Boris admits to Hank that Carlos is receiving treatment for his family’s genetic illness. Meanwhile, Evan learns the hackers were only after one very important patient’s genetic data. And Boris requests Hank’s help on another adventure…