Stranger Danger
S8 episode 1 Aired on May 18, 2016

As spring winds down, HankMed prepares for another busy summer season.  After his winter leave of absence, Jeremiah is back at HankMed and ready to take on patients again.  Divya, happily married to Raj, is seven months pregnant with their first child.  And Hank and Evan receive their first surprise of the summer, when Eddie shows up announcing he and Ms. Newberg are getting married in two days.  

As Hank struggles to adjust to Eddie’s big news, he also treats Diana Underhill, a former Fortune 500 CEO running for a Senate seat in New York.   Diana is taking a break from campaigning for some much needed R&R, but fears that the shoulder pain she’s experiencing is due to all the handshaking on the campaign trail.   But Hank realizes it’s something much more serious and, as Diana stresses, her privacy is paramount.    

Meanwhile, Divya sends Jeremiah out to see a patient, who she believes will be the perfect way for him to get his feet wet again.  But things don’t go exactly as planned.  And as the new permanent hospital administrator, Evan has to deal with technical glitch at the hospital.  

Divya is also in the middle of the application process to medical school, and is still waiting to hear back from her top choices.  And Hank reconnects with Nurse Jen and her son, Sam, after he runs into them on the beach.  

Meanwhile, Eddie’s wedding to Ms. Newberg doesn’t go as planned, and Hank and Evan are disappointed by their father yet again.  Jeremiah receives some unexpected visitors at the hospital after his tough day treating patients.  And Evan realizes that the technical glitch at the hospital is something much more serious…