Lending A Shoulder
S7 episode 8 Aired on July 14, 2015

Evan and Paige are excited about their upcoming adoption, but Evan worries Paige may be growing too close to the teenage birth mother, Elán. Divya grows concerned about her grandmother, who is suffering from pneumonia.  Hank looks forward to his date with Greta, a marine biologist. 

Hank also treats Bruce Beeman, an active older man who sprained his ankle while sailing.  Bruce is worried about walking down the aisle at his wedding the next day, but Hank is more concerned to learn that Bruce is marrying his former fiancée – Nikki.  Hank confronts Nikki over their break-up, but is surprised by what he remembers. When Bruce takes a turn for the worse, Hank must put his differences with Nikki aside.  

Divya goes to care for her grandmother, but is heartbroken by the news she receives when she arrives at her grandmother’s house. Divya must say goodbye to her Aji.  But when Raj shows up at the service to lend his shoulder, Divya is grateful for his support.  

Meanwhile, Paige is showing Elán around the baby’s new nursery when her water breaks early.  Paige rushes Elán to the hospital where she eventually gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.  But Paige and Evan have to make a heartbreaking decision when they realize that Elán is ready to be a mom, too. 

Hank’s date with Greta doesn’t work out quite as he planned.  Finally, on her way back from her grandmother’s, Divya comes upon an accident and has to make a dramatic rescue.